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January 26 [Sat], 2008, 22:01
sorry. relink back to the old blog.



January 25 [Fri], 2008, 16:23
ARGH i typed the post out 3 times over the last
2 weeks, but i had to off the com or i accidentally
pressed backspace. -____-

anw, my last blog post was supposed to be about
raka & ash, i typed a super long one and then i
clicked on F5 (if im not wrong) and the entire post
disappeared, and i got so damn pissed.

so yeah, to sum it all up, ash and raka had a fight
becos of me, (yeah i feel bad) just because raka
asked where i stay >_> den ash not happy, thn
they went to fight. grr. boys.

my schedule's so tight, barely have time to update.
cant wait to see the sec3's die in OBS. >:D

& working on new blog.


December 18 [Tue], 2007, 23:15

im super bored.
flaming ppl on stomp agn.

'Dont depend on people to bring you
your happiness'

right. w/e.

im bummed.
shldnt hv posted tht thread on stomp.
so freaking ps.
i bet he saw everything ~.~


December 14 [Fri], 2007, 0:06
hving headache.
jst startd on th letter.
pearson's suggestion.

startd off w a crap first sentence.
i asked sammy abt it,
and he didnt like every word of it.
pointed out all my mistakes.
asked baba,
he said it was too typical.
and he wasnt sure abt writing a letter.

it might seem as though im nt putting any
effort in, but i am.

i asked like 2910381293 guys the ques.
(not gna type it out here.)
every guy give me a diff ans,
its super hard for me to decide ><

fug. kaes. my pain is killing me.
running a fever too.

im gonna start on the letter again.
effing. tired.

being sincere...
its hard to prove it.


December 13 [Thu], 2007, 1:33
OMGOMG! yesterday night was prolly the best night
ever! i just found out that me and sammy are going
overseas to the same country!! if we're lucky, we might
meet each other!

wooohoooo! im soso freaking happy aft i found tht out okay.
gng overseas w sammy! yay! ^^;

& im still waiting. :D


December 11 [Tue], 2007, 23:29
i realised i hv to fking update my blog more
often. im losing all th readers >
just read some of my ex-classmate blogs.
seems like most of them are doing pretty fine
im so freaking bored. wow ran out of credits,
played rak w sammy & gf :D well, it was boring
too, considering fr th fact tht i never play fr
months i still rmb last time alot of ppl call
me pro! LOL xD anw, just found a rly good song.

love th lyrics.

In the moonlight
Your face it glows
Like a thousand diamonds
I suppose
And your hair flows like
The ocean breeze
Not a million fights
Could make me hate you
You're invincible
Yeah, It's true
It's in your eyes
Where I find peace

Is it broken?
Can we work it out?
Let's light up the town, scream out loud!
Is it broken?
Can we work it out?
I can see in your eyes
You're ready to break
Don't look away.

So here we are now
In a place where
The sun blended
With the ocean thin.
So thin, we stand
Across from each other
Together we'll wonder
If we will last these days
If I asked you to stay
Would you tell me
You would be mine?

And time
Is all I ask for
I just need one more day
And time
You've been crying too long
And your tears wrote this song

In the moonlight
Your face it glows

Is it broken?
Can we work it out?
Let's light up the town, scream out loud!
Is it broken?
Can we work it out?
I can see in your eyes
You're ready to break
Don't look away.

im feeling. abit. blah.
upset? happy? relieved? abit of all.
rawr. im still waiting.
although i think i know your answer.


December 02 [Sun], 2007, 1:50
how come so many queensway sch ppl viewing
me!! *points accusing finger at samuel* i dont
careee! its your faaaaault! rahh.

i still havent got the pictures, chris says she will
send me next week. ><

actually wanted to throw a bday party for a particular
stomper, but ever since ilm forward me the msg, i
decided to drop it. :/

im talking to the stupid ash now,
(no, not him unfortunately) and he keeps playing wow
thn still say he alt f4! grrrr.


November 25 [Sun], 2007, 2:04
confirmation today!!
will posts picture up on friendster!

no more church!! hurrraaaaaah!



November 12 [Mon], 2007, 14:38

holidays aint like holidays - its packed with tuition!
lv 66 in wow :))) 4 more lvls! >< just gonna summarize my week:
-joind sg guild in wow
-met lots of ppl, including someone from my sch =.=
-got my epic mount weeks ago
-made a priest mad by needin a robe i didnt need :p

i have chinese tuition later (MOM INSISTED) >.>
i cant believe it! chinese tuition?


November 05 [Mon], 2007, 18:06
sometimes people really ought to read xiaxue's blog.
its entertaining, really.

note: im not especially posting this to direct anyone. if you feel
insulted den thats your prob. people should seriously get a life.
younger than me and wanna act big? lol. jeez. i seriously dunno
wats wrong w society now. and thinking your acting hero by
saving your friend? i didnt even write her name out or anything.
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