November 18 [Fri], 2005, 3:58
I'll start English diary again
acturlly this blog has been existed for one month,
and acturlly there were more articles here
but I deleted some of them to show you, guys

you know,
English can describe my ugly feelings so easily.
this kind of feeling can never be described in Japanese.
I knew these articles can make you uncomfortable,
but I wanna start again from here.

I think you can see "different macchi" from my Japanese
even if you are hurt or something by reading this blog,
please, never attack me, ok
instead, just enjoy it and lough at me,
like "hey, it's stupid girl again. ha"

yup, it's time to finish my long excuse
here goes

what am I... 

November 14 [Mon], 2005, 4:14
boy, my body hurts... what am I doing here

what have I gotten, and what have I lost
I think I have lost the most important things that I used to
have. I know how I had grown them in myself, and I know
how important they were.
all of my strength has gone, and I can't even move now.

all I have done to get over was not good for me
was it not time to whistle in the dark
but if I didn't do like that, how could I get over

gosh, there are so much questions in my side
and they don't have particular answers.

I know all I can do is to trust myself,
but it's really hard time for me.


October 19 [Wed], 2005, 10:57
hey... does the "God" really exist??
if it does, why the God treatas me harshly like that...
yea, I know.
maybe the God tries me...
why am I so weak now??
where my strength has gone?

please... I need rest for a while...

why, why, why??? 

October 15 [Sat], 2005, 23:09
yea... sometime, it happens. I don't know why...
I can't see the lights...
it's like tiny teeny candle lights on the cake.
why. why, why
why it keeps happening for me...

one little candle on the cake
one little candle burning
if you blow one candle out... no little candle burning

get a grip!! 

October 12 [Wed], 2005, 16:24
yea, it's no time to be like that.
get a grip, be my self
I believe I can be a person who I can be proud of,
who my family can proud of.
I believe I can find something that I can't see now.

I believe, I believe, I believe...

I need some more time though, but I know I'll be reborn.
yea, I know I will.
so just wait and see... I'll change, and everything is gonna
be changed.

so much fun! 

October 06 [Thu], 2005, 10:42
I went to coffee shop with Angela today
it was sooooooo much fun thanks, Angela

Angela and I met each other at the conversation class.
she was one of tutors. she's so nice and pretty

I realized I felt more comfortable with English than before...
before, English was just way to live for me, but now it's not.
English is more than way to live here, and I finally enjoy it
it's good, isn't it
maybe that's why my English has been improven all the
Angela said my English was so good, so I was so happy

I'm so glad that I could get such a good friend


October 06 [Thu], 2005, 8:08
hey guys! what's up

I'm finally ready fo getting started again
I'll stop running again sometimes, but I guess I'm doing
alright right now.
you guys always mean a lot for me...
thanks again, and so sorry that I made you be worried

English and Japanese are totaly mixed in my brain lately
this English diary is gonna be ugly one,
because I'm gonna write some of my feelings that only
English can describe
Japanese diary is gonna be used for "Happiness Count."

this will be so much fun
anyways, I really hope you guys enjoy my new diaries.
and please feel free to leave some messaeg for me, ok
if you're uncomfortable with writing English, you can write

yea, see you soon
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