November 06 [Mon], 2006, 11:01
ahaha everything feels terrible but it's really not. it just feels like it. cause maybe it is. i can't really tell right now. happy november!

i've been listening to really slow music with sad lyrics. and extremely pop-ish hyper music, too. my brain can't handle my weirdness anymore.

i hate everyone right now. not really. i just hate how people are acting.

that's life! 

October 28 [Sat], 2006, 9:07

the movie The Science Of Sleep ... is amazing. and the guy, Gael Garcia Bernal, is beautiful :] this is one of my new favorite movies.

k, today was strange. that's life though.

number two 

October 26 [Thu], 2006, 21:05
I've realized its pretty hard to get used to a website that isn't in a language that you understand! last night I was translating so much...and it took forever. =/

baby crack smoke!

I'm in the library, and I wish PCS had better tea in the cafeteria.

number one 

October 26 [Thu], 2006, 7:34
I feel a bit dumb writing on a Japanese blog, but I'll do it anyway.
um..I've been overwhelmed with work and other things..
so I'm excited to just...maybe sleep a lot this weekend, haha.

err, hi Millie!!

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