Reese Wears Her 35cm Hermès White Leather Birkin Handbag to her $1,500 Hair Appointment!

August 25 [Sun], 2013, 21:48
WOW! Hot momma Reese Witherspoon wore her 35cm Hermès White Leather Birkin Handbag earlier this week on a trip to the salon. However, being one of the top Hollywood actresses means you cannot settle for just any haircut. Reese visited the famous, Rossano Ferretti Salon in Beverly Hills to give her golden locks a fresh trim. The salon is famous for its Ferretti Technique and incredible attention to detail. The Ferretti Technique requires treating each strand of hair differently by giving each strand what it needs to complete the most natural look. On the salon's website, it is stated “Each strand of hair has its own structure and movement… With sensibility and care, the designer treats each strand its own way, in order to achieve the most natural effect. This belief is why haircuts by Metodo Rossano Ferretti are so subtly carved, to create a harmonious image each time. A haircut that is like a work of art.”

Would you spend $1,500 on a haircut? I'd rather save my money for my next Birkin bag! Speaking of saving and Hermès Handbags, did you know Créateurs de Luxe is having a sale on eBay? Visit their eBay boutique now! THE SALE ENDS TOMORROW!

Reese, while we love your adorable charm, this haircut may be a bit silly. However, I must say I love the outfit you wore to the salon. Your teal wrap dress is gorgeous with Yellow heels and a red pedicure. Way to rock the primary colors with the pop of white! We have seen a lot of Reese's white Birkin bag recently. We wonder which Hermès Handbag we will see her with next time!