Think a lot, but it's nothing 

September 02 [Tue], 2008, 22:27
I am thinking about a lot of things, but it actually just wastes time.
I don't know what's going on ,,,,
I don't know even what I should do
I am so negative now,,,
I study, but it does not make results.
It means I should study more, and it was not enough,,,,
I really try to be better, and I like to try hard for everything I want.
But I do not know whether it is all right or not.
I want to reach my dreams and goals, but I did nothing for it.
I want to get that I really wanna get.
When can I satisfy?
I just think too much, and I always use "but",,,,
I'm gonna stop it.
I just do what I want, I don't scare making mistakes.
Always do my best.
I do not compromise, and I will never give up.
It's me.
don't try to be nice, if its not my style.
just seem myself.
I am the most important person in the world, so I do not need to hurt by myself.
If I wana escape, I can do.
BUT it is last way.
do not scare for everything cuz it is my life.
when I hurt, wounded and damaged, it may take long long time to be happy.
but it is no problem cuz I can learn something, and it makes me better.
I am strong as boys, and I will never be a loser.
The most important thing is still trying hard and do my best in my life.
Just trust by myself.
It's me
everything is all right.
just do it
hang in there Marie.
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