my best friend's birthday 

February 12 [Mon], 2007, 13:29
Today is February 12th.
It's my best friend's birthday.
His name is Taiki.
He is very cool and very fun.
But he is sometimes ill-natured.

Today, I couldn't meet him.
I want to meet him

I'm going to go to see "Laughter LIVE" with my little sister 6:00p.m.
It's 2:00a.m. now.

It is exciting me very much.

This photo is Taiki and me.
We are good friends very much.
Friends are treasures for me.

It will be a test tomorrow.
I feel sad.

my holiday 

February 04 [Sun], 2007, 22:06
I'm sorry,couldn't write my blog.

Today,I went to horse riding club too.
I got up 8:00a.m.
It is hard for me...

I did a lot of work.
And rode two horses.
I felt very happy.

I will go to there next Tuesday.
I'm looking forward to it.
I like horse very much and I love their.

Tomorrow is school.

This photo is frijian.
He name is "Takane".
Very pretty

my friend 

February 01 [Thu], 2007, 13:23
I'm sorry,I cannot write this blog.

Today,I played with my friend.
A name of my friend is "Kaho".

She is very pretty.
I like her very much

We went to "karaoke".
My favorite singer(artist) is EXILE.
They are very cool.
They are very good at a song and a dance.
I've liked their for 6 years.

However,Kaho don't like EXILE.
I feel very sad.

horse diary 

January 31 [Wed], 2007, 4:38
Today,I went to "Gotenba"(Gotenba-Shizuoka-Japan)with my senior
Gotenba is colder than Mishima.

We arrived Fuji-farm.(horse riding club)
First,we cleaned guestrooms and corridor.
Second,we cleaned range horse places and water cup.
And we rode a horse.
Finally,we care of horses.

A name of the horse which I ride is Kite.
A name of the hoese which my senior is Rocky.

Exercise contents are show jumping mainly
It's not easy.

I was very tired.

Tomorrow,my friend will come to stay at my house.
I'm looking forward to it

This photo is Mt.Fuji that I saw at Fuji-farm.

about my club activity 

January 30 [Tue], 2007, 21:21
It was very cold today.
I went to school today.

I concentrated on a class hard.
I think that it is great for me.
How do you think??

Tomorrow after school,I go to "Gotenba"!!
Because,It will be club activity.
I belong to riding horse club.
Do you know??

It isn't only ride a horse.
First of all,take care of horses.
Next,clean the restaurant and clean many rooms.
Finally,we are able to ride a horse.
It is very very hard.

How ever,I like it and love horses.

make my new blog !! 

January 29 [Mon], 2007, 21:04
At last, I made new my blog~
I want to write this in English.
How ever it's very hard for me.
My English is clumsy English, but does my best.

Today,I went to school.
It is very cold.
I played volleyball by a class of P.E.(physical education)
It's very easy and I like it very much


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birthday : 1990/11/11
age : 16
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country : Japan
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