The Zou Wenhuai Chen Xiaotang

June 20 [Thu], 2013, 16:57
As saying in entertainment executives because of disagreements, was launched in the scuffle. When the atmosphere slightly embarrassed, suddenly the phone rang, Chen Xiaotang as a female secretary Ye Zimei answering said to Chen Xiaotang after the phone: "boss,Oakley Deviation Clearance, for you!" "Who is calling?" "Said he is Zou Wenhuai of Jiahe!" "How is he?" "Zou Wenhuai how to come over?" Chen Xiaotang and fat man all doubts. Deep concentration, Chen Xiaotang took the phone, "Hello, Zou boss, I am Chen Xiaotang." "Ha ha, Tang Zi, you that" God of gamblers "Oh well!" The phone Wenhuai Zou said with a smile. "Thank Zou boss praises, now face difficulties......" "You mean the thing?" "Well,Oakleys Sunglasses Cheap, how do you know?" "Ha ha, everyone is struggling in the entertainment circle, such news can deceive me?" "I came fast!" Chen Xiaotang quipped. Yeah, they just blocked came out, that Hongkong is really worthy of gossip heaven. "O Tang, I do not like you beat around the Bush, when it held a news conference for the play in you, I also went to, to tell you the truth, I to you that 'if not good with saliva drowned me' memories...... But the fact that you really do, this play is very good, so I'm willing to let Jiahe's cinema to help show you!" The old man doesn't keep us in suspense Zou, say without mincing words. When Chen Xiaotang began to hear is not how diligently, thought the other joke is not fun, personally to smile point, but when Zou Wenhuai offered to Jiahe cinemas "God of gamblers", Chen Xiaotang completely shocked. "Well, I'm not mistaken, you mean......" Chen Xiaotang have be hardly worthy of belief. The brain a little to eat. "Good, I said so." The Zou Wenhuai Chen Xiaotang was satisfied with the surprised reaction, let a person have the sense of fright, it is cool. "But, why?" The Zou Wenhuai answer is very simple: "because I have been so persecuted!" Chen Xiaotang I see. Settled after the screenings, Chen Xiaotang put down the phone, is nervous watching his fat et al. Look at him like this. He asked: "how to? Say what?!" Chen Xiaotang just sweep away the lonely, then God flying color way: "! I would have said, the car to the front there is a road,Cheap Oakley Juliet, there is a way out! Jiahe is willing to lend the help we have!" First the silence, everyone thought the news credibility, followed by. "Yeah, very good!" All the people cheered. The fat man and old man is more hands to celebrate. Look at the big guy happy appearance, Chen Xiaotang is also a sigh of relief. The phone. Jiahe boss Zou Wenhuai gently against the boss chair, pulled a cigar, slowly lit. He became fascinated eyes despite the cigar smoke to the top of your head. As if returned to the past. Themselves from the shore, and good friend He Guanchang to set up the Jiahe film company, can be said to be poor and blank, nothing. In order to star in a stop, you have to from the shore there digging. But the play finished found, no cinemas! The original Shaw to kill himself, >
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