Getting out 

February 05 [Mon], 2007, 18:19
I only have few days to move out. My new house has already been determined, but people who live there still occupy the house because they haven't yet find their new house. It's true that I cannot help waiting for their leaving, but it is also true that somebody may wait for my leaving. That's why I checked next semester's dormitory list details.

Due to a new policy that student ID should be considered highly private, the dormitory office does not announce 'the room and roomy list' in such an open form any more. If someone wants to know someone else's room number, they have to insert other's student ID. However, It is technically impossible to find out future-dweller's student Id directly from the room number.

I knew the solution, which is really simple; Insert all the students' ID and record their room number! Yes, it would be too tedious job if I do it with hands. But I can automate this procedure by exploiting WWW Request format. Automatically, I create request messages for room number with all the student IDs. And, also automatically, I recieve the answers and sort them.

Very successfully, I could have a complete list for rooms and roomies. According to the data, the room I am in now has not assigned for other students yet. Lucky! Mayber, some of returnees could have this room, but that also means that I still have much time.

The Real First Post 

February 02 [Fri], 2007, 23:15
I just have changed my blog to "goo blog".
Yaplog, although, provides plethora of cute skins, but it's too slow and give poor supports for using Korean; even a single Korean character must be converted to an encoded form which takes over 8 bytes instead of its original size 2 bytes.

Whatever, I need a space to practice English and Japanese writing, and this place could perpectly fulfill the purpose, I believe. I am certain that no one happen to access here, but if there is, any advices or suggestion would be really helpful, so PLEASE SOMEBODY THERE, DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT ME

Until I can write as much as I hope to be, This place will keep filled with pages and pages. I really want to SNEER at my writing in the future.

Happy Birthday 

November 06 [Mon], 2006, 5:35

Happy 25th Birthday
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