put my cave to commandeer

May 10 [Fri], 2013, 10:30
Two people's eyes fell upon the yellow girl, when the man saw the yellow girl's a beautiful beautiful face, suddenly one of the stay, but soon return to absolute being, showing a face depressed look, said: "the little girl looks really fresh ah, I walk thirty years, have never seen you so watery girl, but why do you call me out, or I found the cave, I will leave for a while and you came in, put my cave to commandeer, going out is you." When speaking, big eyes in cave saccade, soon discovered recently met the sword dust, the air one Zheng, then smiled: "ah Zhenqiao, little brother, so we soon meet again." Sword dust eyes in the fellow behind him and the middle-aged man body saccades, with a keen intuition and two people exude style, his heart has been inferred two are sacred land. Although mainland Tianyuan, lack of breakthrough success from Mahatma division to earth sacred person 1/10, and can reach the earth sacred in the age of 50 people is only accounted for one percent of the proportion, but could come to no leader of a mercenary event not mercenaries, even if only one percent of the proportion, but tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of participants of the earth the hierophant is not a small number, at least hundreds to thousands of people. And now the time has reached the last moment, but also flawless and perfect alive now, almost all the earth sacred class strong, King division accounted for only a very small part, so with the two person casually met is the sacred sword dust also does not feel accident. Dahan is unequal sword dust answer, oneself went to the cave edge back sat down on the mountain wall, smiling to the sword and said: ",Jordan Spizike UK;little brother, since you have wounded, then I don't get rid of you, we will stay here, but many people also lively also, when boring talk,Nike Air Jordan 8, much good, cloud Zheng, you say is it right?." The last sentence, Han is still standing in the entrance to the middle-aged man said. The middle-aged man smiled and nodded, said: "the doctor said is good, if a few don't mind, we're in this together to rest, when in trouble, we can help each other out, after all, people more power." Then, a middle-aged man came to the Han sat down, a pair of eyes to look at the four sword dust. Yellow girl is still face if the sherbet, a pair of beautiful eyes with a hint of sharp color constant in the Han Dynasty and a middle-aged man looked, although the other two people out of kindness, but she still did not relax vigilance. Sword dust looked yellow girl, slightly hesitated, then nodded and said: "well, we live in the cave, but I will explain in advance, if anyone dares to make us action, don't blame me relentless." Behind said, sword dust tone becomes aggressive, a strong intention to murder in the eyes one Shan but die. Hearing the words," href="http://www.coachoutletfactory2u.com/coachr-wallets-c-5.html">Coach(R) Wallets->, sitting on the big side of the middle-aged man face became uncomfortable up, their until Earth hierophant was an older >
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