won the men's respect.

February 04 [Mon], 2013, 16:47
"Shoot!!!"I saw in the squad after the central, shot the first three rows of the first round of the rapid retreat of archers, behind the three row of the archers Qi Qi treads, in their hands, big bow is drawn into the full moon shape, bang bang bow shock sound, like countless thunderstorms in the ring.Look, all over the sky, full of terrifying mind arrows!!At the same time, articles and waving banners, at the periphery of the state and Marines, knife shield hand immediately kill the past, like a circle in haste.The second round of arrows rain falls, Xiong and Xu Rong cataphract has been shot seven down eight slanting, morale and Marines, no to knife shield hand rushed to, all like playing chicken canada goose for sale, completely a pair of love attitude, madly toward Huaxiong, Xu Rong troops fighting.Hua Xiong, Xu Rong troops battle chaos, the two terrorist arrows rain just stopped, and the state and army from all sides met the kill, can rush, a state army killed to retreat, defenseless.On the opposite side of the Liangzhou squad, Dong Zhuo suddenly and violently staring eyes, see his twenty thousand Armored Cavalry, like allowing people to slaughter lamb rage.These Cataphracts of each is a value of 100 gold, spent his countless painstaking effort, to build out.Since the establishment, win every battle, which appear so today be thrown into a panic."Zhang Jiru collar thirty thousand pikeman immediately to kill me!!It is bound to give me break the large array!!"Dong Zhuo almost screaming Youth's Canada Goose Freestyle Vest, trying to force roared out, Zhang Ji listen to, immediately at hand lance, led a large array of charge right array of thirty thousand Liangzhou pikeman and opposite to the past.In the Dong Zhuo and Li Ru, or color of one face fire eyebrows, just want to open.Which know Dong Zhuo a face as if turned into a devil, a sword stab to Li Ru, stopping in his throat at.Li Ru binocular pupil moment amplification, he looked at Dong Zhuo with wild looks, I know at this time have none to quench the Dong Zhuo heart that monstrous anger."Kill!!Kill the state dog!!Let them know that I'm in Liangzhou son!!"Articles are attentively observe the, suddenly heard a loud opposite to kill, is that Dong Zhuo must be sent another army to attack Liangzhou.The present without hesitation, and waving banners, led the state Marines, knife shield hand generals, Zhang Liao and Song Xian immediately abandoned factory, Xu Rong's troops, command troops back from their central large array.With Zhang Liao, Song Xian leader like big low tide as returned after the battle array, only Huaxiong and Xu Rong soldier, Hua Xiong Nu can't and just want to get a soldier to chase, but was Xu Rong stop, advised him to be a relief army came together, together again launched onslaught.Xu Rong in Liangzhou juntong besides Dong Zhuowai, just after Lee Confucianism, Niu Fu, prestige is high.But Xu Rongzhi military discipline, to be polite, won the men's respect.So Xu Rong, Huaxiong to follow, with even and Xu Rong to command the surrounding a soldier, gather a, finishing system.To Zhang Ji thirty thousand Liangzhou men rushed to, Hua Xiong, Xu Rong has to rectify the good soldier, three Liangzhou soldiers fought through countless wars, the tacit understanding is full, while one hand weapons, launched an all-out attack Canada Goose Kensington Cheap.But on the other side, and state the Marines, knife together back in after the central shield manual large array in front of two columns.The envoy to see Zhang Ji, Hua Xiong, Xu Rong and soldiers in Liangzhou after the army stormed, was still quiet certainty wave flags.Suddenly, in his surrounding twenty thousand archers, immediately launched round and round like a dangerous situation in an unbroken line of a height of the potential barrier at potential arrow, Liangzhou army.This time, Hua Xiong, Xu Rong two people trained in the last lesson, dare not let his Armored Cavalry rushed too, so leading the army after array, let Zhang Ji Liangzhou thirty thousand Marines, as they open.
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