teams of heijia Knight magic cloud out. In the forefront of these knights

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Fallen the 1909th chapter Wars of the Battle of the Section X Devil "possession of these odd not deliberately use falsehoods to deceive us. To kill Terran force Venerable monks actually so happened to Heavenly Sword town! He we want to attracted intend to build our forces captured Yitian City I heard that this city in front of several Terran strongholds were destroyed, can be very bad attack! "beauty wearing pink clothes fù red The companions said a little worried. "Rest assured that possession of these odd, seconded by the Venerable, and rather rebellious, but this kind of thing will never nòng insincere. Matter is, after all, The carnage adult person jiāo the generation of down thing, he dare really angered adults. Moreover, as long as he was sure the target is really no wrong, even if his use force Whatdoes of a silver robe of middle-aged men, but shook his head and replied. "This is our previous quickly find the force Venerable three-fall, but there are traces of more than half are cleaning up clean, and apart for so long, could not find too many useful things. Possession of the old The blame here can get an accurate message, This is a matter of great luck my two finally to adults some jiāo behalf of the United States fù sigh a sigh of relief, some frustration, said. Indeed, otherwise my two day did not find the adults missing something, and not dare to go back on the 1st. Okay, now taking shape, and should be ten ** no wrong next thing thing just to prepare a fierce fight. those family since the monks can kill three force Venerable, even with patriarchs adults borrowed treasure, but really on have to be more cautious. Moreover, these people hiding Heavenly Sword in town, we want to bī them out, I am afraid that the other go through a lot of hands and feet. said coldness flash in the middle-aged man in the head. "Well, the possession of these odd if we would like to use our strength to deal with Heavenly Sword City to naturally do the matter up if even that things can not be done, what do they join us we have to do is will kill force Venerable the Terran monks tightly wrapped and to get rid of it. "U.S. fù but said proudly. "Hey, you can do xiǎo looked old blame them old strange that itself is the culmination of the existence of the fit of the later, only one step can become patriarchs cold the edge that xiǎo sub is not old, but the body for snow Patriarch's direct descendants of him, it is said that a Chill supernatural powers, even the snow adults have praised this person that feather girl, the body is also the lifeblood of the year Ming Luo Shengzu, should also have a powerful two-handed means life insurance the weakest, probably only man the origin fire yuan city smoke Venerable. "middle-aged man voice calm, but talk about a few will attack the strength of several Venerable City of Heavenly Sword, all said a Seiji Chu, as if all this has long been well known in general. It is in a few of them would like to use our power, then why do not they would like to use them to several people. Brothers, our fast past it such a close distance, wanted to come to the old blame a few people already know this. "the United States fù giggled said. Almost this nv voice faded, and black magic cloud over the valley in the distance suddenly while rolling, followed by a burst of drum-ming, teams of heijia Knight magic cloud out. In the forefront of these knights, under the flash of the old man a heijia faint smile of standing there. In the old man behind the cold blade, Jiao xiǎonv such Mozu Venerable also followed the same side. Just the Jiao xiǎonv son, eyes slightly narrowed, the smile on his face. Icy juvenile remains deadpan. Two of his fellow hard, even so early rush over, and some really contrary to the expectations of the old lady. "Possession Creepy laughed, the far red middle-aged male nv Baoquan cried. "Dare. Duo since received the news, immediately on the night rushed to the scene. Seems not miss some of his fellow things!" U.S. fù smiling. "Ha ha, two of his fellow joking but attack Yitian days of the city, and indeed the not-too-distant. Anything in the valley again, to discuss some of it." Creepy Weiran possession smile, raising his hand to make an invitation posture. "Well, my two are also trying to find out why Daoyou so sure that the person we are looking for, on the city in Heavenly Sword Canada Goose Thompson Jacket." Middle-aged man looked up and down Han heijia one, and suddenly smile back. Followed by the the black sè chariot beneath him, two huge magic poultry a pull down immediately downward jīshè the away the. Dahan heijia softly smile, but also with several other people to the bottom of a drop away Canada Goose Trillium Parka Outlet. Next, heijia Tahan and yīn Yoji brake such as Lord of the the Mozu top order exists, in the valley in a hall on the large half-day-long. When these odd and a pair of middle-aged male nv eventually go from inside out, they surface actually are lù greatly satisfied expression! ... More than ten days time, a flash that. This day, Han is residence to play sitting cross-legged, and suddenly hear the waves amid the screams coming from the outside! His mind a move, immediately got up and walked to the window at the. Sleeves flick, an Qingxia fly volume out. Originally layer of the faint golden shaded windows, immediately squeak enjoin soon open its own. The the Han look outside only In a face sè suddenly changed, suddenly turned into a Qinghong from the house jīshè out physique appeared in a few Baizhang void, several flashing and staring away to a higher place. I saw the sky, which should be suspended seven when the afternoon sun, impressively showing around a strange gray spots, and began to spread away a little bit to the center at. They seem to be with the palm of your hand is a little bit of the sun obscured in general. The bottom regardless of male nv young and old, monks mortal see aerial visions, both appear before a fear of sè. Although the Yitian City upper've tried to block live, things about Wuyang of the date of the month, a large array will fail, but this message is inevitably gradually circulation off and and once made chéng panic. Later thanks four bulk mén of the only remaining two Mahayana monks personally and make some promise to ensure the focus of the people once again stabilized However Nevertheless city Morohito today see the air really appears visions trillion of days, they will inevitably again hearts panic luàn. Fortunately, almost the same time, Yitian throughout the city at the same time sounded burst chime sound, a name of the high priest wearing the the four bulk mén dress to fly shè out from some residence, teams of armed the monks and Terran wrestlers from some hidden land, have poured into the streets. They looked Patrol at, or at high altitude or in the ground, the twinkling of an eye, Yitian the city becomes evil spirits sky up. Had some panic Seeing the situation, and have actually face under a loose hand, become calm them, and the expulsion of these patrol people, have to be honest to the extreme to return to their residence, we do not go out together. For a time, the whole giant city loitering person sweep dàng an empty and seemed quiet. Han occurred near turn a blind eye, just looking at the sky, eyes slightly squint visions, without saying anything. Worked as a meal of effort, the Suns are completely into a gray one when he only face sè the sank suddenly into a Qinghong fly to the city a seat giant temple escape away. Although the the Yitian City enormous, but fortunately his residence but the place is not too far away from the conference hall arrangement. Therefore more than an hour later, Qinghong hall over jīshè while to go down, and flashed straight to the temple mén at. Hanxiong, you to can some late! "Suddenly came from the temple mén chuckle along with a graceful silhouette flashed a mask with a silver sè nv sub from the inside out. It is silver fairy! "So silver Daoyou., I just observed slightly out of the situation in the city, it seems of Linxian Zi and Qinglong Daoyou, arrangements well, did not cause much sā stand the quiet back road." This course. Fit the forest sister and Qinglong Exalted are entering the realm of many years of monks, plus elders on four the bulk mén the, too, handling this nature is absolutely no problem. It touches on the five-yang month has started, I am afraid Mozu army will soon approaching the city before. Following the First World War, Hanxiong is probably the biggest battle of this war force, to have to add xiǎo heart twelve. "Silver fairy smile grabbing, anti-dignified said, multi Xie Xianzi remind, but said that Mr. Han is the maximum combat power is somewhat exaggerated. The of forest of luan fairy and Qinglong Daoyou mana can not under me. 's Han seen from the other expressions few sincere intended, will laugh somewhat unexpected smile back. "Lin sister, and Qinglong Exalted is Hanxiong not know the true strength, otherwise Canada Goose Foxe..." "two of his fellow, Come to the house to negotiate big. The seat just received a message, Mozu army has once again sent out, and will soon to the city under. Would like to punch "in silver fairy Han to say a few words when, suddenly from the temple mén came Qinglong to Exalted some anxiety sound to Daorang nv a cold, below, then feel for one of the Dayton. "the silver Daoyou, we go inside. Contingent Qinglong two of his fellow so long. Han do not want to continue the same topic just said have taken advantage of. "Well, Hanxiong we go. "The silver fairy subconsciously the point nod, the two of them went immediately to the hall went side-by-side hall at the moment even dense enough to have hundreds more refining virtual high priest brought together a, surrounded by hundreds of armor-piercing clothing guards motionless stood in the main hall around the one end of the hall side by side, four chairs, two on slightly higher point, two on both sides were placed next to the thin air in the middle of the hall, even suspended the a ghost cohesion light curtain at the center of this light curtain, a vaguely familiar city indistinguishable from the stands, where clouds of black gas. around impressively forward city, a little bit of peristalsis from.
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