That the most unlikely people

December 25 [Tue], 2012, 16:30
See the organizers intervened, WANG Da-guang becomes even more crazy, even pull with a pull, you want as soon as possible to Yang Ming to pull down! However, Yang Ming Where is so easy to pull him down? Said Yang Ming is a gecko, a bit belittling him! Saw an opportunity, Zhao Ying on their own under the not far away, Yang Ming action. God damn you! Yang Ming heart swore, and then kicked out. WANG Da-guang body like disconnected kite the whiz fly out. Of course, Yang Ming left a lot of strength, not directly Tisi he. However, let him have a little bitter is certain! WANG Da-guang directly on flying out of the scope of the following air cushion ass to, but because it is, although the pain will not do, but then there will not be any serious problem in the body. Yang Ming do not want to complicate the issue and come up with any trouble, learned about it wants. Yang Ming, there are more important things to do! Yang Ming kick finished WANG Da-guang, himself is physically frail look, and fell down from the rock wall. However, Yang Ming fell off posture is very special, a hundred and eighty degree spin in the air, fell down the tarsal surface of tummy UGG Classic Tall Stripe! So, strange scene appeared! Yang Ming fell from above, directly flutter in Zhao Ying, Zhao Ying suddenly pushed to the top of the inflatable cushions. Because mat elasticity is very good, so Yang Ming Zhao Ying was injured and is not afraid to let. The Yang Ming just want the opportunity to lie in the body of Zhao Ying ground. Accounted for about cheap. To see Zhao Ying attitude. However, not wishing to decline in ground speed is too fast. Yang Ming Zhao Ying tear down the mouth of the Yang Ming's an amazing coincidence actually kiss to Zhao Ying's mouth! Yang Ming swear that he is definitely not intentional ... Although some lecherous, but that does not color urgent ...... coincidence, just coincidence ... Yang Ming Yie Zhao Ying Yie. ^ ^ However, Zhao Ying also know, this is not Yang Ming intentional. So also refused to take these details, just watching with concern the Yang Ming. Opening was about to ask, but found that his mouth has long been sealed Yang Ming to! Zhao Ying, a mouth, Yang Ming immediately felt. The Yang Ming mind drums, Zhao Ying What does this mean? Could that open their mouths, would like to take the initiative to call myself kissing her? See the Zhao Ying eyes land tenderness, Yang Ming the hearts of a move, simply lamb are like this now. To say he does not understand, is not as direct access to the next step too! Because Zhao Ying opening, so Yang Ming easily will his tongue to Zhao Ying's mouth ... "hum ..." Zhao Ying is concerned about the safety of Yang Ming, no one thought that Yang Ming suddenly kissed! Zhao Ying was shocked, covered with a Jiling, what you want to speak, but unfortunately, Zhao Ying tried to speak, the tongue can not help but want to move ... As a result, all of a sudden on the tongue touched the Yang Ming. Looks like is in line with the Yang Ming kissing! However, that momentary sense of presence allows the the Zhao Ying heartbeat accelerated ...... strange feeling ah ... so comfortable, sound and shy ... "Boom" Zhao Ying's head, it becomes a blank. The rest is just a craving for love ...... However, Yang Ming did not know you thought Zhao Ying, Zhao Ying, respond to it immediately put concerns in mind, continue to kiss up and Zhao Ying ... stumbled Yang Ming confused also began to tie up ...... broke into enthusiastic applause in the crowd watching this scene. ** Straight too interesting. Too much comedy and mythology! Organizers fail to see Yang Ming climbing, but bring to the effect but it is not bad. The atmosphere in the entire field was brought up Yang Ming, is secretly excited, a Yang Ming really own lucky star, ah, it seems, must have the opportunity to get to know about! At that moment, Zhao Ying geocentric confused feelings fall .... However, Zhao Ying, after all, the kind of intellect than all women, before very impulsive case refused Yang Ming, it just goes to show that point. However, at the moment they stumbled almost made a big mistake! This what ah, Yang Ming now girlfriend but Mengyan the you own this be how is it child!? No, absolutely not ... at least, not now! Think of here, the Zhao Ying sanity suddenly sober over quickly recover his tongue, and then head to one side staggered ...... "ah" sound shrill and desperate sound in the in those cheers ground sound, seemed lonely and unexpected ...... Yang Ming and Zhao Ying surprised ... because the owner of the voice, the two are very familiar ...... Mengyan these two days very happy yesterday, Yang Ming actually resting his own climbing on the rock wall, which is are very happy and excited about things ah! Mengyan night are some of insomnia. She first thought a person, the very thought. All the time, mind are Yang Ming figure. , Before himself like Yang Ming loves Yang Ming, but never are crazy ... Mengyan first realize what is love the taste ... this feeling, make people happy and nervous. Early in the morning on Canada Goose Men's Mountaineer, Mengyan received the Yang Ming text messages, said something to accompany a friend Mengyan could not help but be somewhat disappointed. Own there today was not hurt, had wanted to further development and Yang Ming look ... it seems only a few days to speak. Own ideas, Mengyan also feel very strange, although before Mengyan does not exclude the occurrence of some of the intimate relationship and Yang Ming, but also just to feel that the relationship between two people that step, but is dispensable. But now, Mengyan the first time the existence of an especially want themselves to the impulse of Yang Ming the moment do not want to wait ... she was looking forward to this moment earlier advent ... However, when Yang Ming said today things Mengyan a little disappointed, but not angry. She decided to do after an obedient girls no longer wayward no longer to Yang Ming trouble ... Mengyan just called Yang Ming attention to safety, and did not say other words. At home, stay a little bored, and decided to walk around freely in the streets ... so unwittingly, came to the temple fair. Mengyan do not know why they would come here, probably and Yang Ming memories because of it! Mengyan feel like a happy little woman, just a small thing, recall also feel very sweet. Now came here Mengyan decided to go rock climbing yesterday to see ... there is so Mengyan most unforgettable ... when Mengyan with feelings of pleasure came to the entertainment Street climbing game when she saw made her heartbreaking scene ... Some could not believe their eyes! This ... how could! The cushion on the man, Yang Ming is actually, and he actually kissing another woman! This is nothing, so Mengyan unacceptable, the Yang Ming kiss that woman ---- actually Zhao Ying! This let Mengyan tears like a flood burst instantly collapse out ...... Zhao Ying, this had always respected people, actually, Yang Ming's beneath ... how could this happen? Has been Mengyan regarded Zhao Ying as a teacher, and sister the same respect. Moreover, their minds are without reservation that to the big sister to listen ... but she was actually carrying grab the man himself and his! This let Mengyan to say what can not imagine ... the blow is too big to be a little bit ... if the Yang Ming beneath is blue Ling even, Jiajia, Mengyan that would not be so angry, but this person is Zhao Ying! That the most unlikely people, but bear his face set, behind a Women's Canada Goose Camrose. Mengyan loud scream loudly, clutching his face walked turned and ran away ... in this world, who can believe it? Side their most intimate love, the other side of his admired teacher sister ... and it is the two men to carry his own seat that sordid things! Mengyan can not accept, nor understand, the more unimaginable. Looked lost in the crowd Mengyan, Zhao Ying and Yang Ming surprised! A Yang Ming to open, "not fast chase and so what!" Said Zhao Ying rebuke: "You ......" Yang Ming really stonewalled, just pro a people, we must chase another woman, this garbage thing, Yang Ming, it is a bit dry does not come out! "Tube I do it! Hurry to chase Mengyan!" The Zhao Ying airway: "We two and nothing, and she explain do not like it!" ...... "Yang Ming is still a bit hesitant. "It's afraid of you!" Some frustration Zhao Ying said: "Come on, me and you go to help you explain!"
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