pile of firewood in the kitchen

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Fortunately, one hundred and sixty eight chapters also have your king Fabian Chuliu down from the bed, barefoot want on Chen Wei, Xie Ling being hugged: "Do not bother your mom and dad, they could have just gone through life to death. "King Fabian naturally know how to" parting "means, his eyes suddenly widened:" My father is dead? your nonsense, my dad just a fever, he will not die. "Shimoji said wanted to struggle. Xie Ling hugged him: "Is something wrong sister, your father will not die - certainly not dead." Then, I heard a scream full of joy came from the kitchen, is Chen Wei's. She certainly saw the fog on the mirror. Xie Ling and Chen Wei is longer understand biochemical virus also can guess, Wang Lu is now completely different from the time the performance of Li Haoran, although I do not know whether he had broken free from viruses, but after another from mutate into a zombie a step away. Although only a small step, but a promising step ....... That day, Xie Ling carrying a shoulder bag from the foot of the town back to the Dragon King Temple, the king being hit trot out Fabian: "This is where are we going?" Xie Ling casually asked. Fabian king raised his hand a knife: "to chop some firewood, called yesterday afternoon, the rain after the pile of firewood in the kitchen was all wet, my mother finally burning breakfast or dig a few from the bottom half dry out. "Xie Ling Wang watched Fabian turned and walked backward mountain - the little guy seemed to mature a lot. Lost his father wings protect little eaglet had independent fly. Xie Ling returned to the bedroom, put a shoulder bag, took out a bottle from the inside. She took the bottle to the hall door. Far, sitting on a small hall on the rattan chair saw Chen Wei Xie Ling, stand up and greet over: "come back?" Xie Ling put in the hands of the bottle in one fell swoop: "Sister, you see, what is this?" eyeful deep joy. Chen Wei took the bottle, very ordinary glass, dark, no outside packaging, printing, she opened the look, the powder particles are thin and white. "Milk?" Chen Wei surprise authentic. Xie Ling ineffectively shook his head: "You try to see." Chen Wei outstretched hand on lips with a bit damp, and out into the powder in the dip stick, into his mouth, tongue slowly came a sweet flavor. "Glucose" Chen Wei immediately recognized this special sweetness, king Fabian off breast milk, in order to give him adequate nutrition, feeding the milk, Wang Lu deliberately bought glucose added to the milk powder. Chen Wei this taste familiar as well. "Where did they come from?" Chen Weixi tempting: "is also loss you find." ; Xie Ling smiled and said: "I was lucky today to find that house, the second floor of the room is another baby cradle baby mug shot car, I was thinking maybe there is milk, rummaging in the room to find her surprise, did not find the formula, but found the bottle Canada Goose Jacket Outlet of glucose, I reckon, the family took the child to escape the affirmative, before leaving Bring the milk, but forgot to bring glucose. "Chen Wei joyful, smiling:" or glucose Well, your brother can not drink milk, previously booked a king Fabian forgot to drink milk, your brother could not bear to throw away, as long as the drink so a small box, immediately diarrhea, typical milk intolerance which glucose is not the same , the most easily absorbed by the body, the hospital also often give critically ill patients, glucose drip hanging life playing it. "Chen Wei holding a small bottle, run so fast to the kitchen to go:" I'll go with warm water to melt away. "Chen Wei Xie Ling watched figure into the kitchen, turn onto the main hall on. Prayer hall, with a few bamboo poles erected a triangular shelf, shelf outside covered with mosquito nets, mosquito nets vaguely stood a bed. Xie Ling put aside the curtain drill into it. Account really is a bed, or more precisely, the is a few bricks foot pad with a wooden bed, bed spread is called "Mahjong seats" - the size of the tiles is to use bamboo mats that lace into. Mahjong seat ventilation, summer sleep particularly comfortable, unlike grass mats, a sweating, touched her hand under the body even grass tendons are wet take the ride. Xie Ling stood from the bed of the basin twisted up a towel in his hand, lying in bed skilled people to rub his feet. Not for a while, Chen Wei holding a bowl of warm water to melt the glucose returned from the kitchen. She saw Xie Ling who is preparing to turn over in bed , quickly put into the hands of glucose edge of the table, Xie Ling hand to help with the translation. Both a Rotary head, a hug the waist, carefully put on the bed who turned a face, Xie Ling put down his head, the careful side of the side of his mouth and nose to avoid pressure on buckwheat pillow. Chen Wei Xie Ling looked to put towels thin and twisted from the neck to the heel touching, not without blame authentic: "You just come back down the mountain , nor a good rest. Assured that half an hour ago I just grazed him himself. "Xie Ling back hand wiped the sweat from his forehead under:" Sister, you are a person that handle strength and not do anything to help him stand up, reluctantly gave him sideways rub it, there is always hand out of reach. "Chen Wei laughed:" You girl, deliberately showing off his arm longer than your sister is not? "Xie Ling hand kept authentic:" ; How can, but people strength than big sister thing, eating, eat a bowl of it than the sister. "Cawan the body, Chen Wei to spend time with feeding glucose. She took the syringe, the first glucose solution pumped syringe, the Dundao bed side, the human side of the mouth from the bed and picked up the pieces groping thin plastic tube inserted into the syringe tube mouth, Slowly push cylinder plug. Glucose solution flows into the tube slowly along the bed's throat. Chen Wei paused , watching a little tube, did not see the tube with a reflux phenomenon, this slightly speed up the "injection." Soon, a full Haiwan glucose "injection" is completed. Bedside two pairs of unblinking eyes masters simultaneously relieved. Chen Wei Fu outstretched hand on the man's hairy face the bed, right Xie Ling said: "Your brother moved his eyelids morning too." This bed person, not a king road is what? He did not mutate into a zombie zombie appearance and he now is no different, withered limbs emaciated, gray-scarred skin, hands and feet nails are all off, and look unkempt beard, the cheeks are sunken. But Chen Wei and Xie Ling knows that Wang Lu did not become a zombie, and his heart is still jumping, his lungs still breathing, Women's Timberland Winter Snow his red blood still still flowing. Chen Wei turned to Xie Ling said: "your brother's body better every day, thanks to you, even I thought that night your brother was dead, is that you think of the mirror into his nose edge, from light despicably fog light on only to find your brother is still alive. "Xie Ling said:" It was their hard life brother, where is my credit, even when I did not use the mirror and discovered Canada Goose Citadel UK brother breathing, over time, brother did not mutate into a zombie will always be our perceived. then how to say, let me cut did not become a zombie brother, even if he's dead, and I shall not hand. "one hundred and sixty eight chapters Thanks to you one hundredth sixty eight chapters Thanks to you, to the site
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