January 14 [Sun], 2007, 9:05
Hey yaa!
Welcome in my new blog [=

There will be my music, my Carpy and Phoky<3 [hehe], my best friend, some picu etc.. ^ω^
Hope you'll like it! =)You can put some comments too, it would be nice (>v<*)

Then I wish you a good visit here [=
And thanks to come =P


[Let me your blog address, I'll visit it ^-^v]


January 15 [Mon], 2007, 1:48
Hii [=

I just want to write something about me.. XD Even if you already know me =)
Well..I spend most of the time on my pc ; I really like tchatting, answering comments in my space, listening to music... ^-^y

I only listen Jmusic ; like visual kei, Jrock and Jpop!
I like Japanese fashion, especially gals and v-kei fashion haha [=
I also like cute things *v* Sanrio, San-x, Disney, Charmy Kitty and so on (o^-^o)

Oh yes and I'm a French girl, who is 15 years this year =P
I think I'm...nice, funny, talkative, maybe crazy? haha, often happy [in a good mood ne:p] and shy when I don't know the person well =P

I spend all my weekends with my 2 cousins <3 I really have fun with them (>v<*)
And I really have fun with my best friend Pesi too<3 ^-^)v

Ahh and I love chocolate, noodles and mcdo' *-* hehe =x
Well I think it's enough =P

See you and thanks for your comments [=

Japan Addict♪ 

January 22 [Mon], 2007, 5:27

I spent a sooo good weekend (>v<*)
It was so cool! *-*
In fact I was in ★Japan Addict★ with my cousins~ Pauline & Melanie<3

There were
- Karaoke
- Dance Dance Revolution [We've to try it! Like that next year we'll dance ne? XD]
- Video games
- Food [So yummyy<3]
- Funny animation [Like Totoro ^^]
- Cosplays

And so onn ^o^ I wanna go there again =D
It was so fun, in the car too ne XD [J'dois piperr ><] XD
Oyeuuh mais c'etait trop affreux quand meme XD Attends la =P
Fuck & Mel, the BT~ were stupid ne? But it was funnyy XD
On avait la classe attends ;]

It's a pity that we didn't take pics ne? We didn't dare to take XD But the cosplays were succeeded ^-^v

Hope to go to ★Japan Expo★, even if it's not possible XD
See youu [=

I love you<3
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