Hi there! 

July 30 [Sun], 2006, 21:44
Hi guys! What's up Sorry, this is very late blog. I had been very busy. At last, summer vacation started Whooopeeee I have some things new to tell you all. Well, 1st is I've started going to driving school, 2nd, i have a band and am a vocal finally, about my bf.

well, my 1st driving school day was July 24th. Do you have driving school or kinda thing in your country In Japan, we have driving school and teachers teaches everything we have to learn. not from parents. And....it's very expensive. it costs about3,00,000 yen. with this money i could go abroad again. oh, well, in the near future i will.
about my band. my band menbers are 5 ncluding myself. We have 2 vocals(Me and a guy called Mako), one electric guitarist (a guy called Yusaku. sounds like you suck aye? lol),one base guitarist(a girl called Nao) and one drammer(a girl called Mai). We almost play sGreenday's songs but have not decided which songs yet. Maybe Minority and Basket Case and a few more. Actually, last summer in Japan, me and James performed in front of the station which is close to my house. I love singing English songs. i cant wait to perform in front of lots of people.

well, i havent told much about my bf. his name is Kazuki and the same age as me. we go to the same uni but he is majoring in economic study but am majoring in English. We have lots of common frieds and knew about each others a littlle. the 1st photo was taken when we went to fireworks festival wich was held yesterday. Im in Yukata He bought me this Yukata when we went out the other day. 2nd one was when we went out for shopping in tokyo.

Let me know how your life is going.
Have an awesome day

At last, my prince has come~!! lol 

July 12 [Wed], 2006, 14:09
How's it going? Im not good now cuz I got a cold last Fri but am getting better. well, i'll b alright soon. My uni is ok but i have exams in 2 weeks and i still have LOTS of things to do. Writing papers, studying for exmas I hate exams.... after exams i have summer vacation i havent made a lot of planes for summer vacation...... so far, going to a concert, going to the fireworks festival, hanging out wiz my friends and getting my driver's licence.

This title means..... I got a boyfriend. Hehe, some of you know what happened to me and a couple of guys. Finally, I have a boyfriend. His name is Kazuki and the same age as me and about the same height as me. He's very kind guy and i like him very much This Sat we're gonna see a movie. I'll show you what he is like later.

Have an awsome day.

I've been very busy... 

July 01 [Sat], 2006, 21:54
Hi everyone what's up? sorry this is very late diary. I've been very busy wiz uni and part time jobs. I have final exams in 3 weeks and will have to study hard to pass them. after exams, summer holidays are coming im very excited during my holidays Im gonna go to a big concert called summer sonic, camping, pool and sea wiz my friends. i cant wait
Well, last Sat I had dinner wiz my high school friedns and homeroom teachers. Some of you knows my friends Kaori, Miwako, Aya, Chiharu, Tomomi and more....We hadnt seen each other more than a year I had a really good time wiz them.
Yesterday I had a party wiz my overseas students in dorm. THere were about 50 people in the large room and we enjopyed having dinner which overseas students made. They were Korean food, Japanese food, Spanish food, Egyptian food, chinese food and little more. They were yummy and I liked Korean and Spanish food very much
Tomorrow I have a part time job @ NOVA from 10 to 6. Ganbaruyo

PS can you find me

I won!!!!!!!!!!!! 

June 21 [Wed], 2006, 20:26
Hi, everyone
Today, I had a speech competiton and I WONIm soxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxo happy and am still very excited. At the competiton, i wasn't nervous than I had though. I think I did very well. this time, the title is "wont you kiss your family goodnight tonight" and this speech describes child abuse mainly. the beggining is the different type of parenting to what i was used to in Japan. starts with a conversation like "Good night sweet deamas". I'd stick my speech draft here but i didnt save it on my im very stupid girl.....when i have enough time i'll type up and show you someday.
Tomorrow night I'm gonna have dinner wiz Antonio who is my high school English teahcher in his place. He lives close to my and I was invited his dinner. i havent seen him for 4 months and we must have lots of things to tell. I'll tell him about the guy that I liked in ages. I think i told some of you. If you know abot this story, his name and want to talk about it wiz me here, dont write his name.
Okay, this is everythig to tell you so far.
Have an awesome day

Hey hey hey, what's up? 

June 18 [Sun], 2006, 20:26
Hi everyone What's up I started writing my diary in English to improve my English and for my friends in other countries can know what I did. Of course, my Japanese friends can visit here and write some comments for me in English hopefuly. I have another blog but the diaries are different a little bit. If I have enough time I'll try to translate my Japanese diary in English. sorry, if I couldn't.

Well, today was very hardcore I had a 2 hour shift at mister donuts form 7 to 9 am, so I had to get up 5:45 to prepare Oh....my lovely Sunday.....after working at mister donuts, I had a part time job, which was 8
hour shift at NOVA which is kind of English speaking school. Working at NOVA is very good for me coz i speak English wiz teachers. I speaking English. Every Sunday, my favorite teacher Mark who is from England works. He's very cute and hot I got a crush on him, actually. hehe. Everytime I see him I hear my heart is beating. hehelol
tomorrow I have 3 classes which are English workshop, English class by a native English teacher and Chinese. after that, I have a part time job at mister donuts....I've been very tired recently....oh, did I tell you this I join English speech competition on Wed 21st. Title is "Wont you kiss your family goodnight tonight" My speech discribes the difference of parenting between Japan and other countries. I have to practice very hard but dont have enought time.....well, it should be okay. hopefully. Wish me luck
Well, I think this is all that I need to tell ya all.
Thanks for reading and plz come here again soon.
Have an awesome day
Night night.
Lots of luv from Meg
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