development to contribute more

September 23 [Fri], 2011, 11:54
support the Chinese Communist Party leadership, uphold the socialist road with Chinese characteristics, education, the majority of Muslim people to love themselves and love others, love of country and love of Islam closer together, and resolutely safeguard national core interests, and resolutely oppose the use of religion to harm the interests of the motherland and the people's activities, determined to resist all foreign forces, disrupt, cherish the hard-earned excellent situation. The second is to serve the overall situation, in the promotion of scientific development to contribute more. To guideno matter how hard and crucial your work place is, Ugg Boots Cheapis build to absorb every kind of thing coming its way keeping your feet warm, dry, comfortable and secure.and UGG Boots Salethe also a new style.
the Muslim community and Muslim countries, in-depth grasp of the masses of the western development, agriculture, poverty alleviation and development, the Frontier operation and other important opportunities to study scientific and cultural knowledge, and continuously improve the ability to hard-working rich, involved in the reform and opening up and modernization drive to create a happy life. Actively participate in society, in social security, helping the poor, do more charity work and other, innovative ways to serve the community approach, efforts to improve the service of social, professional and scientific level. The third is to enhance the responsibility of maintaining national unity to make an example. Always hold high the banner of national unity, educate and guide the Muslim masses and masses of other tribes and firmly establish the "three can not do without" thinking, and further enhance the great motherland, the Chinese people, Chinese culture, the recognition of socialism with Chinese characteristics, consolidate the socialist equality, unity, mutual assistance and harmony between ethnic groups. Further establish the national consciousness, legal awareness and civic consciousness, to correctly understand and deal with religion and politics, the relationship between faith and law, consciously within the scope of national laws and regulations to carry out religious activities, with the party and the government settled people, working to resolve conflicts, to effectively maintain social harmony and stability. Fourth, stronger foundation and in strengthening its own building on the results. Association to unite and lead levels in Iraq, the majority of Muslims adhere to the satisfaction of the masses as a working standard, and further improve our work style, deep grass roots, Houzhi base and improve service awareness has greatly strengthened its internal management, improve various rules and regulations, and gradually explore standardization, democratization and social management of new ideas. To further strengthen local school through college, uphold the correct direction of running, a great effort to cultivate a new generation of middle-aged patriotism backbone for the development of Islam, adding new force.