Apology to the "economic interpretation

September 28 [Wed], 2011, 11:24
Apology to the "economic interpretation" of the three-volume being overhauled, in fact, more than half of rewriting. It seems five volumes of this three-volume becomes a. Had more than 30 million words would become half a million words. Not essays, not a textbook, both easy to write, not legible. I want to own a scholarship to go on the road for five years and comprehensive review, but also thought to play yourself over the years but until now seriously finishing. Is a difficult project, but seventy-five, and focus on two hours to stop and rest, sometimes a break two days.

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Match for a battle of wits with nature. But economics is about real-world knowledge, the experience of an important observation. I deliberately wait until 65, retire, only three-volume start writing that the "economic interpretation." That was ten years ago. Can also be written, but today is not happy to see, when you write as if what scruples. Has long been known to repair, so for a decade. Worth it, because this decade of China's development experience have taught me a lot, no doubt expand the field of vision. But I may wait too long: it also requires two years of five volumes are healthy mind and body can be completed.

Do not think that it is not demanding things. Colleagues and friends, experience, academic writing about the brain to begin 65 discount. Important academic theory of Qi with the child's play, stroke do have to look on God's mercy. History of scientific thought no one hit wonder after 65 years. Economic science a little different: real world economics laboratory, takes a very long observation time. This observation and the inevitable accumulation of intelligence and energy decline to consider an alternative to how to choose fishes it? I chose the final 74, before attacking the city - originally intended only to "economic interpretation" overhaul, but found that after treatment the Volume followed by most to be rewritten from, plus over two hundred thousand to make up words.

Morning of the third review of Volume II presentation. This is a "supply behavior" on the papers, "the revenue and cost." Volume III has not yet started, is "supply behavior" next, "the price by the price and seek." Followed by "system options" may also be divided on the next, not sure now. If you want points, the articles (the "economic interpretation" of the volume IV) that "contractual arrangements", next (ie Kango) called "State of the system."

Volume I, "said science needs" repaired, the addition of a new chapter, very satisfied. Volume II "revenue and cost" a total of eight chapters, four chapters is to modify the old, four chapters are newly written, more satisfying. Process is hast forsaken, but recalls his life, in academic writing on this as I have never felt as happy. Do our best, thinking around like gangbusters. They can write the best is so good, but history Whenever problems will shipped to!

"Commons" has always been a big problem, in Volume I of Chapter VIII of the solution; "unemployment" has always been a big problem, Volume II Chapter III to find the answer; "wealth accumulation" has always been a big problem, to write Volume II of Chapter IV come handy. In addition, on top of production costs and the cost of processing, the former nor the ancients, after this amendment is not sand; to nearly 20 years to find out the causes of the market, this time to write out; always consider themselves do not understand the macroeconomic school, this time with a long chapter dealing with, leash, said that the scenery there are the emperor's new clothes; rent dissipation and system cost concept, wrote his own to know the end!