more serious stage that began in Stalin

September 27 [Tue], 2011, 10:40
On the "line struggle" was, Deng Xiaoping, in principle, and then after such a reference. What is the nature of the struggle within the party say what is the nature of, say, what is wrong went wrong, about its contents. (See "Selected Works of Deng Xiaoping," Volume 2, p. 308.)

The "line struggle", "line problem" more serious stage that began in Stalin. In our party from the beginning of the 1930s. In the past a long historical period of time, in our inner-party life, the struggle in the so-called line, the so-called critical line the wrong time, the formation of a certain formalism of all, deny all subjective, metaphysical way. About routes, are used to history, who used the head of whoever can not stand up, but also to hang the second line. "Cultural Revolution" had used more abuse. Smashing of the "gang of four" In the future, but also mentioned a history of the party's "ten-line struggle." This resolution not to mention history?Boots On Sale is available in a wide variety of colors to choose from. The main reason of availability in so many colors is to serve the different industries with different color codes to differentiate them from others. Secondly, with the increasing demand for Ultra Short Uggs has also forced the industry to come up with new colors and models.

March 19, 1980, Deng Xiaoping, the first draft resolution on the outline view, you adopt a pragmatic approach, the party shared his views on several major struggle. Deng Xiaoping said, used to say ten-line struggle, Comrade Peng that one can not forget; Comrade Liu Shaoqi, this time can not forget; Lin Biao and Jiang Qing counter-revolutionary group; Chen, and Qu comrades, Comrade Li Lisan three individuals, not engage in machinations; Luo Zhanglong separate central, split the party; tao is engaged in machinations, Gao is engaged in intrigue, but do not call what is called line struggles, but also hard to say. (See "Selected Works of Deng Xiaoping," Volume 2, the first 293-294 pages.)

The process of drafting the resolution, the analysis of the party and Mao mistakes of the past, it was proposed route of Mao's mistakes is wrong. Deng does not agree with this formulation. He said: "We do not mention route error, taking into account the line struggle, the route error the past, we used this formulation is not accurate, and used a lot of mess." "Selected Works of Deng Xiaoping," Volume 2, p. 307. "There is another reason, so long past the party, comes to different views on the mentioned line height, line of critical errors, so we have to treat this very seriously, and this is to change our style problems. "(" Selected Works of Deng Xiaoping, "Volume 2, p. 308.) According to this thinking, Deng Xiaoping advocated the party's XI, the" Cultural Revolution ", do not say wrong route, according to its substantive analysis, is the nature of the error on what to write error.
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