Basu to Wuhu, a few years ago and built

October 12 [Wed], 2011, 10:50
construction on the plateau, with flesh and blood to those who think of the opening and maintenance of this road's Liberation Army soldiers and road maintenance workers, feel they are so great, the same two lines north and south Tibet is so great!
However, due to harsh geographical conditions, although our national strength has been greatly enhanced, but the Sichuan-Tibet line is to the north and south highway built in recent years is not possible, build a highway that is not reality, some oil mixed with a dirt road, or is run into road traffic congestion, or peek into the debris flow and landslide road, which is both north and south line and the Yunnan-Sichuan-Tibet line, the new line for many years to Tibetan reality.
However, economic development, personnel to travel, so the demand for off-road vehicles will be more and more. But we have a real off-road vehicles, there must be real good off-road vehicles, to meet a variety of fields, all kinds of people in the industry demand for off-road vehicles. Whenever the two north-south line and onto the Yunnan-Sichuan-Tibet line, this feeling there will be further deepened.
This river city Kamba man arrives, stop for lunch, plus watch the street with all kinds of Kamba man. Eat is a bowl of noodles, but due to the high altitude, from cooking to eating and spent more than an hour. From the River to Qamdo, car dealers at an altitude of 4,000 meters above the ridge, to go through four mountain passes, the road is dangerous, abandoned from time to time to see some trucks parked on the roadside, leaving only iron shelf, and this is intended to prompt a dangerous road.

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Qamdo into eastern Tibet, Yunnan-Tibet line with the other two came from, just Zogang 5,100 meters above sea level crossing the mountains from east to join Xiaolong car, we like the long-awaited family as deeply moved by both the Qamdo military leaders for the warm welcome, because they get the team to come to the message, this too curious Chinese Hummer, coupled with the test car has two cars of armed police stationed in Tibet to give to the first trial and public security, fleet in the same time there are several armed police and public security parameter test drivers participated, from entering the Qamdo, we received a warm welcome to all the way, is increasingly dangerous road conditions, but care is increasingly warming world, the Chinese Hummer to their excellent performance, as We moved all the way to win. We feel that our many specialty industries, is wistfully looking forward to meet the conditions of good off-road vehicles come out.

16 Qamdo - Basu, about 250 km
After breakfast, visit the Qiangbalin Temple, referred to Qamdo Temple, which is founded in Kham Gelugpa monasteries in the first and largest temple. Temple built on the highest plateau Qamdo terrain, at the door you can see the whole picture of Qamdo, expensive music and song in the temple complex at the intersection below the foot, combined to form the famous Lancang River south Pentium away.
Turned by the State Road 317 State Road 318, the day of the Sichuan-Tibet road is the most dangerous section of the South line one. 4400 m above sea level in the Banda is a strip of grassland, dense small rivers, China's highest and longest Bangda airport runway was constructed here. Banda beautiful prairie people feel good.
Banda out there soon to enter the Sichuan-Tibet line "bottleneck," said Nu groove location, crossing the mountain range to be the largest natural barrier - the Nu River Hill, during which the altitude of 4572 m after the wave La Pass. Section of track flash floods, mudslides after the outbreak, will make roads fragmented, severely. After crossing the pass, the road to the Nu River region, "the" spiral-shaped twists and turns, after the famous 99 Shui to the downstream side of the Nu River, came to the Nu River Bridge. Nu River Bridge section of the military to area, have guarded by sentries, the terrain is very advantageous, and definitely not take pictures. Through the Nu River Bridge, along the edge of the gravel off the mountain dirt road, walking in the river for an hour or so, at night nine, arrived Basu.

17 Basu - Bomi about 300 km
Basu to Wuhu, a few years ago and built a whole flat asphalt. However, the natural black trench near Wuhu flying stone because often fall and avalanches, landslides, and is known as a major risk off Sichuan-Tibet line, although built with reinforced concrete roof of the corridor, the safety factor greatly. But in the event of an avalanche, ranging from ten meters to more than tens of meters of steel and concrete corridor still can not stop the avalanche of debris mixed with great destructive power and tilting moment paralysis collapse.
Wuhu is a famous highland glacial lakes, tributaries of the Brahmaputra is a major source of Palongzangbu. Wuhu area of ​​22 square kilometers, 3850 meters above sea level, about 26 km average width of 1-2 km. The Ranwuhu consists of two parts, in the east and north-west of Ann Ranwuhu wrong head, between the two seasonal swamps and waterways.
Ranwuhu near the green grass pasture, lush highland barley and rape, the lake is a vast forest on the mountainside, and then further on is a five-color and six azalea bush, blue lake, reflecting the forest, crystal clear see the end of the lake's waterfowl flocks, school wonderland scenery. Ranwuhu Although beautiful, but has been used as water burial, combined with climate weird, there is a terrible heap of bones called the name of the place, sometimes beautiful place does not have a beautiful legend.
Because the lake up the rescue of a prairie wetland into a Toyota 4500 Toyota 4500 and prior to the rescue of the tractor for a long time to go out too Wuhu, is seven o'clock in the evening. Ranwuhu to Bomi period, the Sichuan-Tibet line, and Yunnan-Tibet line is the most beautiful sections, but we just enjoy the twenty kilometers, on the other road in vain through the night dozens of kilometers of the most beautiful and moving sections.
Bomi is reached eleven o'clock at night, in the Bomi depot where a warm welcome by the troops of the officers and men on this team is too concerned about, and they said we really want to spend as soon as possible China's own off-road vehicles. PLA officers and men face such high expectations, the team moved to tears a pedestrian, in this arduous journey, the army is really the most beautiful people! At the same time people feel too much pressure, a certain set of the power of the parties, which should bring China into the most adapted to national conditions Hummer a good car!