The song dynasty founding

October 14 [Fri], 2011, 13:10
ChenLeiJi special requirement, take charge of the piano for special people to buy a first class ticket, and other instruments, but we can check the harp, people jean cannot be separated. ZhaoTao to "restore ancient ways house" too much love, there's actually a treasure of the traditional history, history QinGu have a good harp, love, and the story of the cache is people, though also not emperor. Because in the thousands of years of Chinese guqin inheritance is not purely Musical Instruments, has, at the gentleman seems to be accomplishment sentiment, the ambition of the way under-the ancients says "the harp, ban also." Is considered to be the mainstream of the harp for thousands of years the aesthetic thought. Ban, not cut out, but, rather, "vessel, is the heart", use modern management to say is, "a gentleman to keep ZiJin", "the instruments with instrument, near section also not in the heart, Tao also." The instrument, is that day, the self management. This is jean "method day of a scientific physical properties and their cultural performance that is divine, the Chinese ancient scholars know and accept, as a typical of yangxin will harp tools and give it the result of moral personality. The ceremonies.from "that" and not without reason Fletcher harps." Jean is the symbol and hallmark of a gentleman, and fashion since music is a stroke his own heart. With joy for Germany, not light not heavy, by way of moderation, shall not be too pleasure without virtue, and lost "vexed masturbation sound"; Shall not be too sad without case, and lost "bitter meaning". Give to moral personality harp and spirit, will inevitably be many taboo to protect its divine namely the cultural, the divine is not secular sense spooky manner, but according to the audience's voice and scientific relationship with the people of the harp for management system, for example, to achieve the music of and effect, let people listen to the not disorderly mind, chung peace, will need to have "big not more than house, fine but feather", because the "house" and "feather," will play the music of don't miss, easy sliding into a ZhengSheng (her sound). Chung peace of the piano are finishing the role of emotion attitude, and return the abandonment and exciting, "Richard is a temperament, Daniel of one temperament.

Jean's mystery that is the culture, like a harp thousands of years history and passed down from generation to generation in the heart of the taxi, with a harp on the cultural patina; Is in blatant utilitarian secular society, protect the culture's jean jean way "the ozone layer".

The song dynasty emperor why guqin loving?

The song dynasty emperor like the song TaiZu ZhaoKuangYin gu qin, also do not forget the way for take lessons. His brother ZhaoGuangYi emperor song infatuated with a harp, also be also QinQu, even to follow ZhouWenWang, ZhouWuWang guqin, to add two strings. To gradually era, the palace collections, nearly harp, a good for the piano specially built "WanQin hall". But at this time of the "enemy" of the emperor JinGuo love, the most famous guqin several fine Pope, is holding the tang dynasty "LeiYin" jean dead. Even the folk legend kingdoms JinWuShu rate down, just to give soldiers gold Lord rob the guqin.

In fact, the song dynasty culture, developing advocate etiquette, gu qin, prosperous, to have the profound historical and political reasons:

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The song dynasty founding, song TaiZu "cup of wine BingQuan interpretation," began by wen, running the country, from the five dynasties, speaking of the tang dynasty and five dynasty, is a chaotic times, by historians called "rogue jisheng era". Five generations of the tang, bearing chaos warlords, though the five dynasties, the emperor has eight surname, total but 53 years time, but for 14 emperor, each dynasty dynasty was short-lived. These short life dynasty had a common characteristics, discusses the control, the rogue is by political 's huge period is rascal, the emperor itself is rascal was born, lead the mischief, and by man's LunChang, chaos, the change of dynasties is a warlord and rogue brothers buddy overthrow a emperor, and pushing rogue boss when the emperor. Live a few years, and stage as a coup farce. That five generation appear dynastic change, "the king of ChengTou transform flag", court officials that civil servants collective surrender, out of the city to meet new rogue emperor, even his royal robes all too late change, also don't know how to change. Then the song dynasty ouyang xiu presided over five generations, the history is very regrets: for five generations from the history of JieShenZiHao characters find several monuments dedicated, very difficult, don't look

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for gold sand, he relaxed standard, and pay attention DuoNian, also "only the four or five people just." (the new five generations stribling a line of the sequence ")
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