Flower on the battlefield 

2007年01月01日(月) 19時25分
Yesterday was the new years eve and my little sis and me went out to celebrate.
Honestly said it was an unreal scenery in the roads of my hometown.

The people had a starnge expression on their faces. Couples, cliques and other people walked, singing and drinkng through the nightclub district.
Everything and everyone seems to be happy, that the last year is ending and a new... a better one will start soon.

Nobody looked down to the faces of homeless people sitting in the cold and rainy night, with mashed roses on their feets or looked up to the cloudy and smokey sky, which could be from a country where war rules the life of people.
All the fireworkes, looked like defense rockets at night. Who saw some pictures in TV will know what I mean. And: "No, I am not emo or something like this."
Honestly, this was my first impression when I went from my house and stray through the streets with my little sis.

But it was also a really nice night, too.
We had a lot of fun, met interesting and zombie persons.
We really drunked a little to much and at least we hang out in a really crazy "Thai Karaoke Bar".
I have never saw such a culturalmix of people.
And this is really sad, because I live in one of the biggest cities in Germany.

It was funny to watch the people and notice what alcohol can really do.
Shy and clumsy people, danced and started to flirt.
Easyfully and balanced people become aggressive.
Girls and boys who never see each other in their life are kissing uncontrolled at the bar.
And some strangers grab you all the time on your butt, because they feel save and unwatched in the crowd.
I really think the "national geographic" should make a documentation about the human behaviour.

Wow, this is my first entry... and on the 01.01.2007.
I think this year will be very enthralling and full of fun.
And wish you all a great adventurous new year.
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