In the winter of 1965 Lin biao hand made

October 15 [Sat], 2011, 11:56
Three years difficult time, henan province is "FuKuaFeng", "anti-communization" harm the most fierce one of the provinces. In the winter of 1960, he led the ministry of public security working group to henan xinyang prefecture, dealing with cleaning up the disaster investigation. In the "great leap forward" s, farmers in xinyang for lack of the most basic food rations and more than 1 million starve to death. He saw the suffering of the people there, as the sick. He held back the mental pain and suffering, worked there for a short period of time. Back to Beijing after he said nothing in connection "firm", but more attention to the rural public security work of many policy problems. After DuoNian he has not alive, and I was told he had and he's back close partner of the MengSongTao comrade, talked about the poor farmers in xinyang, two people with a bitterly. This is the heart of the cry, cry for affected people.

Before the "cultural revolution" of a period of time, the inner-party struggle crypto-currents happened frequently. The son of the ministry of public security and the standing as a comrade vice minister to take charge of day-to-day work, to cope with the pressure from all parties is very not easy. Chiang ching for 30 s Shanghai left-wing cultural figures-but excluding people hold product studieth to hate, and operation, once several times and find the son, said 30 s comrade talk over Shanghai left-wing culture of many hidden traitors and spy, the ministry of public security requirements thoroughly searched it out. The son was very embarrassed, comrade and he know this is to hate and private relief Chiang ching intentionally those trick. The case of the how much ado about nothing "out"? Had to drag don't do. He to the central leading comrades for reflection. Several times he said to me: "owes the bill did not return, also do not". The "cultural revolution" as some people to Chiang ching framed up persecution, completely blown her that have already saving SINS the heart.Moncler short coat are founded for at identical time genders and really are a evidence to the process beast within of the person, that is substantially appreciated by all. every individual and every person who owns a cheap moncler jackets knows what process is and possessing these sorts of apparels is really a marking of the classy and sassy person. how you dress up is how one generally judges your style and if you actually include the mens moncler jackets for your attire, you may probable be reflecting your own self as becoming a gentleman or women that has tastes and style. You can obtain a mens moncler in exclusive colorations including pink, azure and white. The measurements of these short coat give these sorts of a chic and slim look moncler jackets outletfor your figure, everyone would choose to obtain by themselves a Moncler jacket.

In the winter of 1965 Lin biao hand made LuoRuiQing grievance, and son comrades and I all can't understand, also very uncomfortable. That was also LuoRuiQing and the ministry of public security in MAO zedong and other central leadership there was the opening, and listen to the son and the related province comrade was ordered to leadership and military chiefs have opening the check. Listen to device Test results on the rumors all debunk the false. Afterwards he talked about this matter, the mood or nervous and painful. And his son comrade party and state, with deep anxiety, to the "cultural revolution", the years of turmoil.

The "cultural revolution" mess up, XieFuZhi completely into the arms of Lin biao and jiang qing gang. Comrade and bear the brunt of the son, the so-called "sixty-one a traitor group case", "peng zhen, LuoRuiQing spy case group", a variety of persecution, he is framed with vice minister of public security was first detained incommunicado. From then on we did not meet again. Wait me out of jail in return, he has been in prison under persecution from died early. Can comfort of him, Lin biao and jiang qing counterrevolutionary group and the group's prime culprit, XieFuZhi already born forever be nailed on the history of the ChiRuZhu.

I write this essay purpose is to think like this: nearly one year, comrade hu jintao as the general secretary of the central committee, advocate "the for the public," "ruling for the people", emphasize the policy to "people-oriented", and take some such as change "asylum" for the relief of reform measures and other measures to close to people. In this way, the political learned person and, good prospects. GanFen remaining, think of XuZiRong, think of to write this article, let more people know these is lost, as a historical reference for both, to be beneficial.