Today's record in late Ming and early qing dynasty

October 15 [Sat], 2011, 12:58
See a glorious history, I began to feel understand, for we have today is its historical origin cold-blooded. We of the national culture of cells have a genetic defect, and cold-blooded the genetic defect I'm afraid of life is ignored. Obviously, the south song for all after serious moral from the basis of life. Unfortunately, the genetic defect often hidden in a great, glorious history tradition. Today's society and inheritance these great glorious tradition and, at the same time, accept this deadly gene defect of the genetic. So, we have been unable to establish people-oriented modern civilization of human rights in China, the word a few short years history of commendatory word only, this fact also fully explain the stubbornness of the gene cold-blooded.

If see the hero of the Ming dynasty in ShiKeFa, we can feel more harm, the genetic defect in the trajectory of the historical development and growth.

"HongGuang first year (1645) on April 15 to 25,, this is yangzhou 10, clear soldiers defending. At least one hundred thousand people, only ShouBing yangzhou DuoRen, it may be said; the minority. DuoDuo constantly sent me the ShiKeFa Anthony c. McAuliffe reportedly said" drops, said, "I will the opposite things, head member court? "Then DuoDuo personally, beating five letters, ShiKeFa all don't opened fire, all ShiKeFa clearly know. And in this difficult circumstances to victory is not possible, he can only resistance through to the end, to die. He first called the country will say:" my oath and city, but died in haste to not down to the hand of the enemy with death, who will be the advent of large sections such as? "Lieutenant ShiDeWei. ZhongLie subcontractor gives or yue:" I had not been the son, your when sharing for us to close your books, we TaiFuRen after, you ZhuSun spectrum. "Then he wrote down the stretch, except he five seals were consistent DuoDuo king, all the rest is for family, wife, mother, brother, uncle 21 days and be suicide to her mother and wife:... April 18, in north soldiers surrounded Yang city and has not been attacked, however the heart has to go up, don't come! Method will die sooner or later, do not know to follow me to Mrs. Ken? So the world, also, as no born early determination also! 25, northwest city after the soldiers of qing, collapse into the city. ShiKeFa, commit suicide, subordinate to side arms to forcibly taken, supports the military into small east, clear soldiers come, ShiKeFa big shout:" I DuShi history also! Can be introduced RuBing the Lord. "Hence captured. DuoDuo to one another, Mr. KouChen courtesy Penn, Anthony c. McAuliffe reportedly said" face to face, XuYi high official positions. ShiKeFa scold not, never stood refused to: "I for court secretary, will he lives for eternal sinner! My head can not break, body shame, may die quickly from emperor in underground. "" city wu and wu, I meaning has never, namely the ripper ten thousand piece, he relished, but young city 1 million creatures, not kill! "Heroic sacrifice in group, was upstairs just 44 years old."MBT Womens Lami ShoeWhen choose the MBT shoes, you should know whether it is fit to you or not, but the internet buying cannot get this function.After that, try them on to see about a proper fit. You want to make sure they have a correct fit. To do so, put the MBT Shoes UK on and stand up. The things you want to feel for are a tight fit on the heel, a snug feel on the in-step and that Women's MBT Shoes are comfortable around the toes.It makes you feel better anytime anywhere. You know why? People prefer because they are guaranteed to make you feel good and comfort Women's MBT Sandals are comfortable to wear and can match almost any kinds of clothes you are wearing.

Today's record in late Ming and early qing dynasty yangzhou resistance of historical data, obviously, with more than ShouBing resistance of more than 10 ten thousand fighters, and in qing dynasty the heart has to. Is impossible to win. So in a book ShiKeFa wrote: "have not yet against, but the heart has to go up, don't come!" According to the situation ShiKeFa decisions incredibly is: "law will die sooner or later, do not know to follow me to Mrs. Ken? So the world, also, as no born early determination also!" We see not hard, ShiKeFa has been neo-confucianism poison to what extent. He consider not save our lives, also not the life of his wife and children to save, save the city more is not the life of the people. He consider only to save his historic ZhongLie illustrious name! It is in this the loyalty of the human nature in the end, and the human nature is devoid of cold-blooded tempered premise.

"DuoDuo constantly send bright drops, ShiKeFa Anthony c. McAuliffe reportedly said" say: 'I head member for court, will he?' then reverse things DuoDuo personally, beating five letters, ShiKeFa all don't opened fire, all." ShiKeFa is to have a chance to save the life of the people, but he refused, and he would not "lives for eternal sinner!" And the choice of a "my head can not break, but the body may die quickly from emperor in underground." The final results as we all know, history of the famous "yangzhou 10," happened, 800000 people died in DuoDuo under the butcher's knife. DuoDuo is a butcher this has not need any proof, but ShiKeFa, to "yangzhou 10," the negative what kind of responsibility? If surrender, can save 800000 lives, surrender and why can't choose?

ShiKeFa choose sacrifice, ShiKeFa won the name of the ZhongChen. But it is the result of joint sacrifice of yangzhou 800000 people. If ShiKeFa surrender, could save 800000 people's life, yangzhou sacrifice only his ZhongChen of hollow reputation. ZhongChen in the hollow reputation and 800000 between the life what kind of choice?