Spokesman this phrases in Chinese teaching

October 15 [Sat], 2011, 12:39
A few days ago in "golden receiver" prize presentation ceremony see you, though not happen "lukewarm line 7 · 23 catastrophic accident", but already feel that your tired, anxiety and stress. Yes, I am deeply understand you: every year with Spring Festival transportation minister, corruption, and the easy all kinds of disputes about the railway to break out, Beijing and Shanghai high iron and danger on high-profile constantly, and so on, in the days of the vortex spokesman pretty tough. Remember that day short exchange, we talk about is still speak and how to speak, I don't understand of ask you why high iron so high-key appear on, why the public inquiry constantly but no response, etc, you as usual meditation and less said, I know you heart desires. Remember my last question is, I'm most worried about if high iron collapse, move the car collision or what to do, how to deal with derailed? You know, I'm most worried about things like this! Then awards ceremony began.

Unfortunately, our common concerns have become a reality. And you, was again back to the outlet wave. As was counterparts, who is a friend of I admire your bear spirit and dare say dare for style, also deep for you worry. As with is "after SARS era" of the first batch of ministries, and the same for the spokesman for the state council information office in the first news spokesman training, is called "huangpu a period" students to the United States, but also with the inspection, we lead for fellow. You did more than my enthusiasm, hard work and perseverance, in the post spokesman has stuck to more than eight years, and I had already left the array to; The United States trained you accomplished return, a book, but I only have ten pages of harvest, in a word, you really stronger than me. But, I saw you "lukewarm line 7 · 23 catastrophic accident", the Associated Press conference before and after the accident of some things, or want to say some truth, some Suggestions for you, truth, is also on the open government, as well as to the present very lively, fashionable spokesman work heart express it.

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Spokesman this phrases in Chinese teaching is on to speak (structure, partial is the spokesman, it is people. In other words, the core is spokesman, is a kind of dry spokesman who work with the work of other people, so I always think, spokesman for many technology in have at the same time, should also have rich emotions and profound thought, sincerity, docile and good people. "Lukewarm line 7 · 23 catastrophic accident" after the occurrence of the broad masses of the love from the party and government, from the idea of basing on expression of their thoughts, feelings and ideas are completely in love the o. Such as cui always dollar said news spokesman, please don't let news inflammation; The news media to move the car behind accident of a series of questions, a hope to hear the railway department as soon as possible, the answer this request is not high, Hear a statement, high iron and move the car is in bad impression, which can adjust period, only lives! Such as zhejiang provincial party committee and the standing committee of CAI qi organization minister said: "how can such a big accident blamed the weather and technical factors, and the who will pay, the railway department should be mounted to learn profound lessons, again to speed railway safety first, life doesn't hurt!!!!!" Like I said "from the communication university of China, have been land day can not contact, students and friends was much worried." Chinese media university students through dozens of different way forward the bo sea and search for days and ZhuPing whereabouts. According to confirm two students were killed in the accident. Look at their faces and memories of youth classmates, I cried. The children, remember the disasters grew up never reengineering disasters now must and all the people made disasters theory through! And so on, and the like. These words may be biased, but it is one of the fresh, capital of the people in the face of disaster of rational thinking and emotional expression. As a news spokesman should these public voice for chewing and understanding of the self with deep thoughts and improve your own emotions. At the same time, could also improve the quality of the news conference and rich connotation of the press conference. You said?