well damn 

2007年11月25日(日) 3時51分
I had this since 2005? Wow!

so much has happened; 3rd year of uni, new program in Cinema, moved to Montreal and all that...Still have Cicero lol

I'd love to use this place more often, but it's kinda tricky to navigate

I still love the Emoticons so much.


2007年03月23日(金) 7時03分
OMG I have a yap log? I totally forgot about this!

woah yap log!! 

2006年04月17日(月) 16時01分
@_@ it's been what? months and months and months? no?

*spazes over the emoticons* X# woooeeeeee I missed them

Maybe I shoudl start writting her again..or I shoudl make this some kind...of specialized...journal..about....huh? I donno XD. Since I havea an LJ and I'm already cozy...gah! but this place has awsome page layouts...and insainly cute emotes!!!!

we shall see....

wow! it's been so long!! 

2006年01月04日(水) 4時53分

weehoo! nothing new eccept...the year lol.

I'll try to post more here. I've been on LJ most of the time.

But I wont forget thi cute little Blog

He's hereeeeeee! 

2005年12月02日(金) 12時22分

he looks so sever in this one up here

But he's a cute kid

you can find more pictures of he's arrival here


2 more days....its like a countdown 

2005年11月29日(火) 11時11分

that's about it...*anghts*

More angsting on the wait =_= 

2005年11月28日(月) 13時57分
ARGH! I hate this.....so close yet so far. I'm even starting to wonder if Luts really did send me my doll and ifthy just told me he'd be here onthe 29-30th or november Y_Y that would be cruel of them.

Now I have to make sure I get to box before anyone else in the house. My cousines might pull a prank on me and of all the things...that would be a bad time to do that. My aunt and uncle mgith ask too many questions >.>....<.< wich may result to them finding out how much my doll cost and guilt triping me and killing the whole experience.

So I made a plan. Tuesday 29th, my last class ends at 10 am, that means if I dash hoem quick enought I might be on time to get the box.

On th 30th, my first class ends at 10 then the next is at 11;30 to 1pm, so I could skip my secound class...but that would be a no no...ugh I donno...WTF why am I writing this...it's useless.

tuesday wensday who knows when, and what time @_@ I hate this.....I want Cicero home

@_@ the wait 

2005年11月27日(日) 5時09分
LOL oh boy, I'm more impatient then I thought. I got around to the fact that I mgiht have to wait 3 weeks, but now that's it's only 4 days now....it's even more stressing becaus it's so so so close.

I just got around to finaly finish Cicero's shirt...

Yup it felt wrong to call him Kisho since it was the name for the fcs f-17/f-29 I was going to get from Volks..but yes, Cicero will suit him...I know it will.

c'mon tuesday!, I'm even thinking about skipping Philosophy class that morning to stay home and wait for the delivery!

November 30th 

2005年11月26日(土) 14時18分
This is a date to watch out!

OMG O_O...he's finaly coming? 

2005年11月23日(水) 16時49分
Well, that's it, after 4 yrs...my doll is on it's way....

Wow....I donno what to say, he's going to be home. I wish it wasn't on such stressfull time, I'll try not to forward that onto him.

So now that I know for sure he's goign to be here, I'll finish his T-shirt and get some design out.

The mpney is gone now...well that eeky feeling is normal apparently...well I donno, no wait, I do know that when he's goign to be home, I'll be sooo happy, I wont want to put him down

I'll keep this journal up to date.

now will it be Kisho? or Cicero?
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