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July 06 [Wed], 2011, 18:26

About 45 minutes, tian liang, update the bo explained the details: "the good news! The grandmother found, broke a leg and was good in chongqing, found that emergency center rescue, now dangerous without life. Thank all of the chongqing kind-hearted, forwarding, concern friends." In the list thank the list of net friend before forwarding, tian liang, quite naughty and said, "good in no particular order."
1 p.m., tian liang, 41 points to reporters thanks text messages from special, "have found, thanks, villagers or good."
B tian liang bo before germination
The grandmother had been found
Eve before 4 PM

Tian liang grandmother fell down on the underground 3 layer louis vuitton monogram wallets
According to the first pick up to the hospital 120 tian liang grandmother first aid the doctor for the information, 2 PM yesterday, chongqing morning paper reporter found tian liang grandmother accident GongShuQing yuzhong district dates haze and garden district jia stelae garage. According to the louis vuitton bags garage management personnel introduces, the first to find the old in the garden district and is a ZhangXing old too.

According to zhang introduces, the elderly in eve (4,) at four in the afternoon, "I was just go out, ready to from the negative the layer 3 garage export go out to buy food, pick up the way granddaughter." But zhang old too just walked out of the elevator is found, in a negative three layers of garage to negative layer 2 garage driveway corner has a louis vuitton softsided luggage shadow lay on the ground, are moaning. "I went over and see, is an old woman, are all cover their thighs." keep shout pain Old zhang hurriedly call to nearby clean master li do help, think will help get up, but old zhang, "finally failed to help her, we're just in a direction, hope she can lay a louis vuitton monogram denim comfortable."
Then, master li will reports it to the garage management chongqing real estate development company. Comprehensive

the louis vuitton bags star

July 06 [Wed], 2011, 18:25

Chongqing ZaiEr tian liang's article this meaner micro bo, is 11 a.m. yesterday about 40 points in sina, sohu and appear such as tencent mainstream micro blog.

In micro bo, tian liang, frantically searching said, "my grandmother for years already high, severe loss of memory, take a walk after the meal last night in their hometown, chongqing lost when lost in white broken flower. Short unlined upper garment, yellow flower pants, hand on crutches, her spirit is very good, and language is clear, is no memory. We my louis vuitton softsided luggage good friends to help forward, looking for." And photos of the grandma dispensed.
In micro bo, tian liang, at the end of this article will also special micro bo's news to JiaoXunJing "new" chongqing micro bo attention, and said, "your attention and help is the most direct and efficient, please! Grandmother, I miss you so much, where are you?"

Chongqing morning paper reporter noticed, up to 12 noon yesterday at the forwarding, "micro bo and the comment is rapid breakthroughs in the 5000 TiaoCi, and 10 PM forwarding is nearly 70000 people. Huang jianxiang, yi, including hankyung was some kinda pro rocks, Chen, YaoChen, AnYiXuan, series, dozens of style, with forward in the louis vuitton bags star way, the filial piety to give the tian quickly, the support of the force to.
At the same time, chongqing JiaoXunJing new micro bo also in the first time tian liang, "please reply to provide further information related to the mother-in-law lost (lost time, place and relative specific information), so we can search for her. We will do our best to help, this is louis vuitton monogram canvas our responsibility."
Chongqing morning paper reporter at 12 at noon 40 points, to TianLiangFa to text message, hope to inform the family of chongqing contact, "we can through the newspaper, chongqing morning paper micro Po and chongqing morning nets help looking for."

Now it at noon yesterday
Father said have found louis vuitton fashion bags
Is this the bo be many users crazy, the forward yesterday 12:00 29 points, tian liang, wife of the father of micro Po and forwarding the husband said, "just received comments news, the grandmother has been good intention person to find and to the hospital, thank you friends with care." the forwarding And then, the micro bo also get the net friend force holds.
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