R & F President: China to engage in football is football is a national disgrace losing business

September 23 [Fri], 2011, 20:31
Guangzhou R & F Group Chairman, President and tension was a fan before, but in recent years due to the disappointment of Chinese football, so I do not see the Chinese football for a long time. So for the tension, he's a good impression on the football more to stay in the heyday of 1980s football, Guangdong, south China were dominated style of football, when half of the sky. "R & F enough to send the school should be to foster South-oriented style of football, to re-create the past, soccer dapper Guangdong, superior technology, with delicate, with a firmer foundation of the Southern faction known characteristics." Tension conference repeatedly stressed that R & F do is reshaping the Southern style of football camp. "R & F team's new season will introduce the South American foreign aid, because their technology is not high for a good head football Guangdong, Guangdong Neiyuan in players for the introduction, in order to create a pure southern-garde." From the tension, then chairman of the board, you can see that he can be described as a soft spot for Southern football school.

Hengda million full school site has not been released, but the R & F has been located in Meizhou Meixian build enough schools. Tension revealed the location of Meizhou two reasons. First, Meizhou is the hometown of Chinese football, in football under the economic downturn, has also been persistent on campus to develop youth football and soccer, is now in Meizhou every year a number of football competitions. That R & F fancy football history and atmosphere of Meizhou. Second, Meizhou city has a "football secretary," Chia, for the development of football has given great support. Combination under the R & F chose Meixian school premises as a R & F enough.

R & F foot school planning to recruit a total of 3,000 students, R & F to create a tension that is fine school, so education will be dominated by football training, secondary education. R & F does not mean students do not pay attention to culture and education. Tension, said: "football without culture, culture is not a player does not play well for. The emphasis is on football Aura, and Aura first is due to naturally gifted, and the second is to have a good cultural foundation, the two almost is indispensable. "

As we all know, Hengda Real Madrid full cooperation with the school to build, and enough tension that the school will be R & F and Barcelona, ​​would be introduced from the Barcelona coach, to borrow their youth experience, youth training outline, to develop a new generation of Chinese number one . "Cooperation with Barcelona is one of my idea, but I think it is definitely achievable." Tension admitted only with the cooperation of Barcelona R & F side of the idea, but he is convinced that this cooperation will not be too difficult. He also respect all the foreign teachers, then please Barcelona funds would be very large, so the future of R & F foot school will be led by a 10 Barcelona coach coach about the proportion of Guangdong combination of youth football for training.

As in recent years, China's soccer football almost disappeared, proving that the current development of soccer in China will be very difficult. But tension there own opinion, "Honestly now in Chinese football environment, both in football and soccer is certainly lose money, there is no economic benefit, and each year need to subsidize money-losing, so this requires in football The companies must have strong financial resources, but need sustained investment. R & F as a large-scale enterprises, but also have such power, of course, must assume social responsibility. "Monlcer Jackets are men’s fashion must-haves. It’s that one piece of clothing they wear to top their overall fashion statement. Even men who are not fond of the ‘dress to impress’ notion are wearing Monlcer Jacketsfor versatility. That’s one good thing about Men's Jacketsthem can be worn on different occasions.

Tension has been said that R & F is mainly reflected in football as a corporate social responsibility. "As a responsible corporate, we must always remember need to return to society of a country's football is strong, the people best reflect the health of China's 1.3 billion people is a big country, but football is so backward, and even to appalling proportions. 1.3 billion-strong population, and even a hundred million people in a small country teams can not win, it is simply China's shame, so as a business, it should be for the Chinese soccer to assume their responsibility for the Chinese soccer contribution their own little power. "
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