"Van Nistelrooy" not record by Black Star hardtop God wants to lose his goal

January 14 [Tue], 2014, 12:19
6 home after halftime kicked into 0-0, Manchester United 1 Ping no victories, this war has finally broken the cycle, speed was gunuzhayi second half for Manchester United, opened the ball of his left-wing cross from the deft dribble drive turned out, Kagawa and Valencia for two consecutive shots to break the deadlock. Manchester United settled the score 12 minutes later, is also Belgium Nova last-place ball right out of the crossing made opponents of Defense after confusion, letting Danny Welbeck leackage check Evra hit a stop in at the door.nike free 4.0 v2 womens Kagawa Division winning the single ball the chance before the final, also gunuzhayi timely delivered and driving the through balls, Raphael threaten after the transition. Both second half a dozen sidewalk and first half play up front behind the 10th position, assignment of the gunuzhayi always get their convincing performances, road, was designed by Moyers for his future flagship location. Gunuzhayi ball 69 times in 90 minutes, the team second, and 3 successful, sent twice shot 10 times more cross Crown there for the team, Manchester United upper and lower trust to the teenager, you know, in the past recognized crossing time Valencia, the first and only cross their feet. Fletcher admitted after the game, little one this season was Manchester United's "new phenomenon", Manchester United official reporter Jesse Hibbs also believes that gunuzhayi although no goal, but definitely deserves this degree awarded as the best. Moyers had some gunuzhayi "learn more about Cristiano Ronaldo, as strong as he" apparently he did want more than coaches.

Simone know how terrible Barca attack group, his response plan is simply not to panic anyone kicked out of the fast-attacking chances. Even if Barca players holding the ball at half, Atletico players against Barca players from behind the body, and connect people to play with the ball. If Barcelona players to break through, and professional fouls Atletico players immediately in place, so as to crush Barcelona's attacking rhythm. Lajous loose enforcement of connivance, Atletico Madrid match under the award-winning black-footed, Simone team is very smart, make good use of the advantages provided by the referee. From foul of point of view, Atletico Madrid with 17:9 well ahead of Barcelona. But on the number of yellow cards, Atletico only two yellow, Barcelona yellow up to three persons. Andres Iniesta three times in the first half was rough Atletico player fouls, little white because his left knee was hurt and trampled by Gabby forced was substituted after the break, but Atletico trailed only a yellow card. Iniesta injury still uncertain, tomorrow he will camp at the Club to accept a detailed medical examination.

Talksport is summary of the fans after the match comments on Kagawa, critics in these comments, there are many who is also encouraged. Takes a positive view of the people, "said Kagawa famous say bad luck, if that shot up into his confidence. Even so, ' should also realize that Kagawa's best position is in central midfield, rather than being arranged side and then go run wild ones, isn't that Kagawa's Secretary is good at. "Of course talk is not good," nike free 4.0 v3 womens in fact, Kagawa was a complete waste, waste 99% opportunities today, sending him back to Dortmund. He may be in Dortmund will be renewed, but did play in the Manchester United is rubbish. "Didn't Rooney, not van Persie, Manchester was won! At Old Trafford, United's successful revenge beating Swansea team got their first win of the new year. Team win the same Valencia and Welbeck are directly related, but scored two of the names on the scoreboard is absolutely lucky, and for Manchester United now, they really need some luck.

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