March 21 [Sat], 2009, 0:53
久しぶりでごめんなさい。。新しいのブログアドレスは http://ameblo.jp/luemagician66/ です

Hi long time no update, very sorry. My new blog address is http://ameblo.jp/luemagician66/
Please visit!


November 10 [Mon], 2008, 3:02
Sorry folks, for not updating....there's a reason

I was kinda spam comment from website that does special kind "servicing"....not really a good thing. Well, its not a Singapore site so...people please don't ask me for the links or what so ever...lol...and i finally deleted them...and like...-.-" i should have done it earlier but i was lazy to read the comments.

Actually i had sort of shifted to ameblo...but am still preparing the site. Once i am done, shall let u folks know tru my msn nic. >.<


July 07 [Mon], 2008, 12:38
昨日のコースプレは残酷だ。僕のコースチュームは準備完備の45分後時、引き裂かれる だ。。。。。。


無駄にされる だ

>< 誰か助けてください!!

t~T losing myself 

June 16 [Mon], 2008, 12:01

Hi people! this is the fourth week of my attachment and everything still seems fine. Thank goodness....

The past days, i feel very weird and uncomfortable. Not myself at all. Reason is unknown but just felt something wrong about me. Today is much better, at least i can think like my 'original' self more today.

Yesterday was an interesting day, serving food with chili padi attacking my vulnerable neck. Imagine you have to serve food but you had many needles poking and rubbing ur neck.

When i came back home, I was told that i had to submit logo for m cosplay. Was very happy that i manage to draw out the two design. But really sorry to Dianne and Staci, my phone was on silent so i didn't notice you are looking for me...

ok..hope that today will be a better day!!

by the way, these are the photos of the logos...haha...and on top is my first Momotarosu(Kamen rider Den-O) hair style try.

Shifting house? 

June 09 [Mon], 2008, 12:15
I was supposed to shift to ameba as requested by Masa...but i like it here because of the idols, they are using this site...and i had already posted so many stuff here. Then today, i reliease all my idols have shifted to ameba...-.-"

I have created the account but not yet done up the blog, so shall be here for a few more post..or at least i think so. Actually i don't really like shifting blog...haha...because it is like chaging dairy books very often. Just don't sound right to me.

Ok, this is the third week of my attachment. 9 more weeks to go and i am in my holidays >.<. BUT i need money....T.T i had so many stuff to prepare and i had only one week left. My cosplay costume is not even completed yet. I need help...arrgg.....dieing......

I am also hoping to have my jamming sessions again. I really don't want to deprove, lol....This week will also be a good week...i guess....so till next time!!


May 29 [Thu], 2008, 12:09
Yo I am now in IBM attachment. Just started this week, and my computer does not have the IME for typing japanese again. While, i just have to find other ways to practice my japanese then.

I quite like being attached here. Although it is far away form my house(very very far), but the people here are ver nice people. Next good thing is...there is free coffee!! (cheers) i need that every morning.

Since i break from jamming, I think my singing had gotten worse. Yesterday I just went for a karaoke session with aiman, jiexian and allen. I reliease i didn't had much songs in mind that i want to sing. I hope the next time we go, (hopefully very soon) I can have more songs to sing and jump back to the level i was. haha


May 06 [Tue], 2008, 20:44
はい〜 月曜日から僕はこの言葉を何時でも思いだ:「今週の僕は水曜日のjammingのために生きる」


ははは、今の僕はFYPでいます。。でもOnline ラジオを聴く。。えっと僕のNAPFAのTrainerは今日のGuest Hostです、でも。。あれはMalay語だ。。。Friazaは何を話しても知らないだよ。。。笑*。。。さぁ。。何でも彼女の声を待ちって。。。笑*


 隊長のMelvinちゃん (水平線) バースです

 副隊長のAimanちゃん (Dizzy) ギタールです

 Chen Hui様 (ヨシキ) ドラムです

 前相棒のJie Xian (サラりー) ボコルです

 VaTです (僕とサラリーのティーム) Doubleボコルです

えっと、もう一人のギタールは未来に写真をあるの時に紹介。。。ハッハッハ。。。じゃ〜 また


May 06 [Tue], 2008, 0:41
今日は立夏です!! おめでと!!。。。えっと でも日本は立夏を如何祝うか?。。。
しかしシンガポルは何時も夏です、立夏もあるない。。。だからシンガポルは立夏を祝うない。。。笑 >。<

ちょっと今、僕と Xiangさんと WeiNanさんと一緒にバスケとボルを遊ぼう。。。だって僕はバスケとボルを知らないでもこの二時間以内は楽しいだ。ありがとうございます!

T.T コンピュータのKeyboardはSpoilでした。このポストを書き上げるは大疲れてのよ〜 速く新のKeyboardを欲しいね〜



April 30 [Wed], 2008, 11:51


はい!最近、僕は学校の献血アクティビティに加わる。 恥ずかしい。。。僕は献血の最中気を失うする。。。笑



月曜日僕とJoshuaは紀伊国屋で行きました。Clarke Quayでの紀伊国屋。。。あのラメン屋も行く。。。シンガぽる一番のラメンでした ぜんぜん!! 

今度もチャシュウラメンを食べたい。。。。美味しいよ!! あれの天津飯も!!



お誕生日おめでと!Ban Theng!! 

April 09 [Wed], 2008, 0:43

でも今日が彼の誕生日が祝い。BanThengは超Happyだ。 *笑


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