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January 23 [Wed], 2013, 11:17
The Milwaukee-based company, Spike Brewing, has recently launched a brand new website that aims to bring affordable home beer brewing options to a niche, yet highly priced market.Milwaukee, WI. (PRWEB) January 22, 2013

With the increasing cost of goods and services in todays economy, it is no surprise that the cost of alcohol has also seen significant price increases. In order to remain a competitive player in todays marketplace, a business must adapt to these ever-changing trends. Spike Brewing, an American-based brewing equipment and supply company, brings quality yet affordable home brewing options to the masses. With handcrafted quality, Spike Brewing offerssuch as brew kettles, brew pots, and other brewing essentials to Americans who wish to try their hand at home brewing at a reasonable and affordable price.

All of Spikes stainless steel brew kettles and supplies are welded and assembled in the USA. Their unique welding method for all of their pots, kettles, and fittings provide not only a sturdy and durable product thick enough to withstand the impact of a bullet (its true!), but also one that is aesthetically appealing.

We are currently the only company that offers sanitarily TIG welded couplers on our kettles. Most companies use weld-less fittings, which we believe is an inferior way to attach ball valves, thermometers and sight glasses.

Another advantage to utilizing brew equipment that has been welded (vs. weld-less) is the sanitary factor. Due to the robust build of a welded pot or kettle, the chance of leakage or contamination is greatly reduced. Additionally, welded brewing equipment generally means that there are fewer parts to clean; making it less likely for the beer youre brewing to become contaminated with old, unwanted substances and chemicals that could potentially ruin your entire batch.

Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (which is ironically the beer capital of the US), Spike Brewing was started by Ben Caya a Milwaukee resident and a graduate from a Mechanical Engineering degree program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Initially, Mr. Caya began the company as more of a pastime to earn some extra money while going to school. However, he soon noticed that his once part time hobby quickly evolved into a full time occupation, providing quality yet affordable home brewing solutions for individuals nationwide.

I started the company three years ago, in 2009, to make a few extra bucks for my weekend beer fund. It was a semi-full time job throughout college, and now Im supplying equipment for the brewing community full time.

Despite being in the home brewing business for quite some time, Spike Brewing was only recently incorporated in the summer of 2011. Mr. Caya and his team started off brewing small batches of keggles (a keg that is converted into a fully functional kettle or mashing vessel essentially) from 15.5 gallon beer kegs. However, the demand rapidly outgrew their keg supply, forcing them to convert to using stock pots for their brews and eventually leading to the manufacturing of their very own brew kettles.

Spike Brewing offers a wide variety of all-stainless steel brew kettles that are available in a range of sizes, depending upon the needs of the brewer. Dedicated to producing high quality brew pots and home brewing supplies, Spike Brewing provides affordable brewing options without compromising quality along the way. With kettles that are built to last a lifetime its not surprising that this startup has evolved into a full fledge online brew equipment company and is now serving thousands of customers Nationwide.

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