Sry X_X 

August 22 [Wed], 2007, 23:06
I haven't written here in long time, cuz I was at Turku,
and my computer didn't work.
but now it's quite fine, so I can write again.
School started, I'm happy.
It's hard, but fun.
Autumn is coming too
Soon it will be colorful and cold, I'm exited.
But I love winter the most.
Everythings white and beautiful.

It's over now 

July 29 [Sun], 2007, 23:09
Yesterday I red the very end of last Harry Potter book.
It was really good, but now I feel empty somehow.
I know that there won't be any continuing, story is over.
Only thing that I can do is to create fan fiction, continue the story by myself.
That's something I want to and have to do.

Harry Potter and the deathly hallows 

July 23 [Mon], 2007, 2:04
Tomorrow was day 21th of July, 2007.
It was a special day. It was release day of the very last Harry Potter-book.
Book number seven, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows.

Many people has waited this book many years, so am I.
It's really interesting to get to know what will happen to Harry and his friends.
And what happens to Hogwarts. I really hope that Hogwarts will open again.

This will be last Harry Potter, there won't be any other book of him .
That's sad.

Anyway, I hope that I didn't spoil you. At least I tried not to.


July 21 [Sat], 2007, 15:06
I'd like to welcome you to The X-files, my Yaplog.
I will use name Lucy Westerna here, because I don't want to use my real name.
Thank you for Nagisa by helping me.
I will talk here mostly about Bram Stoker's Dracula, Harry Potter, The X files and Lord Of Rings, I guess.
And if I can, I try to translate my fan fictions into english.
Hope you enjoy being here.
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