The elderly need to guard against the hazards of cervical spondylosis

May 02 [Wed], 2012, 16:23
Careful cervical disease in the elderly harm people entering old age, a variety of diseases began to look for trouble, a lot of middle-aged friends by the blessing of cervical spondylosis, cervical spondylosis is aging and fatigue and incorrect sleeping posturebrought about. Therefore, experts suggest that elderly friends must always be alert to the harm of cervical spondylosis:

Experts say are injured as a result of cervical or the occurrence of headache caused by degenerative changes in the desk workers have a higher prevalence. In the early days, the pain usually can be mitigated. As the disease progresses, the degree of pain will gradually increase, the remission will be shortened. The orthopedic experts pointed out that the cold, fatigue, alcohol or emotional situation may trigger pain in the heavier, longer course or even attention and memory, reduce depression, restlessness, irritability, fatigue and other symptoms.

The hazards of cervical spondylosis, cervical spine disorders may even lead to insomnia, vertigo, tinnitus, deafness, vision loss may have come from somewhere in the cervical spine disorders. Stimulate the vertebral artery when the compression of the cervical spine disorders, can basilar artery insufficiency, thus making the occurrence of vertigo; and cervical trauma, strain, and degenerative changes undermined the internal and external balance of the spine, irritation or compression of the cervical sympathetic, will the physiological function of the inner ear to be disturbed, resulting in tinnitus or deafness; neck joint dislocation may also cause optic nerve central artery spasm, resulting in decreased vision.

Some experts pointed out that patients with high blood pressure, also may be a cervical patients. Mild displacement of the cervical spine or staggered joint, can cause brain vasomotor or upper extremity vascular dysfunction, central hypertension or traumatic hypertension. Experts warned that due to cervical spondylosis causing arrhythmias, dysphagia, and rhinitis are often easy to be misdiagnosed

Cervical disease hazards, do not go to the hospital to give children trouble, not to mention the time, your health is the greatest happiness of their children, do not worry mistaken for medical treatment. Let the children at ease.