Children with cough how to do

May 02 [Wed], 2012, 16:22
Many parents found the baby after blind medication, in fact, this approach is very unscientific, did not figure out that the baby is cold, pneumonia or allergic cough, parents to bid to feed their children cough medicine to fight antibioticotherwise, not only in favor of treatment, sometimes counterproductive, resulting in some undesirable consequences.

Massage, acupuncture, cupping, and other methods can be used for the treatment of children with cough, no side effects, the baby and the parents are willing to accept. Briefly outline some of the methods and steps parents at home can be applied:

First, the baby supine position, the mother can use the fingers of two hands as the focal point toward the baby's chest along his ribs, both sides of the horizontal push or vertical push, 1-three minutes.

Second, the baby in prone position, the mother gently thenar palm root corresponds to the back of the baby's chest, in particular, the two shoulder blades parts, because the scapula is the reflection of the lungs. We can gently rub. The main points in the middle of the two shoulder blades, and days in the hole gently with the middle finger or index finger tip gently knead about one minute. Back approach can be 3-5 minutes.

Third, we can use the palm root in the Ministry of the baby's spine, from the top down gently rub and push, you can rub the point right amount of powder or lubricant to reduce friction, be careful not to scrape the baby's skin.

Very easily lead to various diseases, especially in cold spring, the parents found the baby suffering from cough, not fact, this may be caused by other diseases, the spring is the season of high incidence of respiratory diseases of children, cough is the most common respiratory diseases symptoms. It is recommended that parents and friends once the baby is sick please seek medical treatment.