Precocious Puberty hazard

April 18 [Wed], 2012, 18:12
Precocious puberty can be divided into precocious puberty and pseudo precocious puberty, precocious puberty refers to the advance of those who launched the hypothalamic - pituitary - gonadal axis (the normal order of development), in clinical practice accounted for more than 70%; pseudoprecocious puberty refers to the levy prematurely because of certain diseases caused by secondary sexual development, without gonadal maturation is not dependent on gonadal hormone stimulation, accounted for about 30% in clinical. If a child is diagnosed with precocious puberty, it is necessary for medical treatment and intervention, otherwise the child will grow up to produce adverse effects can not be estimated.

Precocious Puberty main hazards:

★ physical harm: Experts believe that precocious puberty in a child physical development ahead of the osteophiphysis also in advance, so the latter half of the growth was inhibition, leading to their height ultimately generally low.

★ character hazards: 10 years ago, the formative years of children's character, if the occurrence of precocious puberty and differentiate themselves to give him (her) a great confusion, precocious puberty, children will produce uncomfortable, uneasy feeling, but also likely to suffer the ridicule of companions, inferiority complex, a long time, will the character will become more solitary, and are unwilling to exchanges and contacts.

★ personality Hazard: The children of precocious puberty, the physiological ripe, however, too young, poorly educated, he (she) psychology is unable to keep up with the pace of physical maturity. So there will be problems, such as the occurrence of puppy love, early pregnancy or sexual abuse, the occurrence of early sexual activity. The experts believe that low self-esteem and eccentric character, coupled with differences in mental age and physiological age, often leading to the early adolescent sexual crimes incentives.

Sexually precocious child, according to different causes and types take different approaches to treatment combined with diet and exercise, persevere, to pay attention to the psychological feelings of the child to help him (her) to come out from the precocious abnormal psychology.
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