Three manifestations of the baby calcium deficiency

May 02 [Wed], 2012, 16:20
Children with rapid growth, and outdoor activities, sun, often caused by inadequate absorption of calcium caused by a variety of calcium deficiency in performance. Many parents are afraid of the children so that calcium deficiency, then the baby calcium deficiency of the performance?

A, hyperhidrosis manifests itself, even if the temperature is not high, will be sweating, especially after sleep head sweating, accompanied by the night crying, screaming, crying after sweating more obvious. Part of the pediatric skull constant friction pillows, seen after a long time cranial occipital bald circle. Body calcium deficiency can cause a series of neurological, psychiatric symptoms, such as night sweating with disorders of the autonomic nervous regulating capacity. Should first consider the mental state of the body caused by calcium deficiency, early calcium.

Second, anorexia, a partial eclipse. Calcium control the ability of various nutrients to penetrate the cell membrane, and therefore also controls the ability to absorb nutrients. The human digestive juice contains large amounts of calcium, if the body of calcium intake is inadequate, easily lead to loss of appetite, mental retardation, decreased immune function.

Third, prone to eczema. Infants before the age of two more common, some children or adults develop into evil acute, chronic eczema, or performance of the atopic dermatitis. Baby eczema, mainly in the head, forehead, face, ears, severe throughout the body. Baby sick, crying, anxiety, sick site erythema, papules, and then turned into blisters, erosion, crusting and more you sweat, crying pillow and back.

Fourth, a dental night or a tooth missing, yet the teeth and some children one and a half years old, the anterior fontanel closure delay, often after a year and a half still closed. And calcium deficiency in children during tooth development process, the teeth arranged in uneven or the upper and lower teeth not sew, the bite is not correct, loose teeth, easy to collapse fold, premature tooth loss. Dental damage can no longer repair small.

Is the introduction of the performance of the baby calcium deficiency should now know it can not be ignored for the baby's health, especially the absorption of calcium nutrition on children, but also pay attention to the blind do not give children calcium hope that every a baby can grow up healthy.
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