Blowing fan at night to sleep

June 02 [Sat], 2012, 18:15
Summer, many people have sleep habits of the fans, because either hot, so the fan has become the summer's best antipyretic tool, but you know, in fact, sleep fans when the University asked the following experts for ourexplain in detail:

Order to obtain a cool, summer, heat generated by people often overlooked the disease prevention and health, induced by a variety of discomfort, even pain occurred. Therefore, the summer heat is also talk about science, must not be taken lightly.

Fans should not be blown over a long time. And air conditioning, electric fans only can often open the window ventilation, but also to enhance the indoor and outdoor air convection to ensure fresh air.

Fan blowing long will destroy the equilibrium sweating, makes people feel headache, dizziness, Tuisuan soft, general malaise, severe cases may also induce other diseases. Summer night driving fans to sleep, easier to get cold. In particular, the elderly and children should pay attention to. Sleep at night, blowing fan is not good!

Sleep can not be a long time driving a fan blowing front of the body, because a long time at a part of the body blow make the nerve lesions lead to illness

More experts have been sleeping for the night, blowing fans, please do a detailed introduction, I believe your heart is this the answer, experts recommend the best night not to open a fan to sleep in order to avoid unnecessary trouble.