White-collar workers how to get rid of the sleep disturbance

June 02 [Sat], 2012, 18:13
People are likely to insomnia, especially some white-collar workers are more easy to sleep, because white-collar workers face every day a lot of pressure, often lead to the insomnia of white-collar workers, white-collar insomnia may affect work and health, then, the white-collar workers how to get rid of the sleep disturbance?

1, for its own good sleep atmosphere, let yourself go to sleep in a relaxed environment. Pillow and the bed is an important condition to ensure that sleep, in order to prevent white-collar insomnia, the best choice for a plank bed, pillow the height of moderate scientific pillow height should be 6-9 cm. Try to hold a ticking alarm clock in the bedroom, avoid the sound quality of sleep and cause insomnia.

, The raising of good habits, punctuality go to sleep, 22:00 to go to bed, try to get up early in the morning does not stay in bed every night need to toss two or three to go to sleep. Only to adjust the sleep habits, and perseverance to get up early, in order to ensure that out of the sleep disturbance.

3, a reasonable diet can also play the effect of the treatment of insomnia. Help you sleep food lily, lotus seeds, dates, lotus root starch, mulberry, these foods has the effect of Anshen, white-collar workers daily diet you can choose to actively carry out the work relieve insomnia.

In summary, the above is about the white-collar workers how to get rid of the sleep disturbance, and white-collar workers can be a better treatment of insomnia, insomnia, people have to choose the right diet, do not drink coffee and other drinks at bedtime, to maintain a good mood.