The spring Laichuang four hazards

June 02 [Sat], 2012, 18:12
Spring is the season of recovery, this season should stay up late to get up early. Absorb yang through to get up early for sun exposure, so that the body in the winter, alpine accumulated gas out through the spring, the sun's light and heat divergence, to help bones and muscles strong.

Therefore, the spring should develop the habit of sleep at night to get up early, to adapt to the nature of the germinal gas, but this time stay in bed four hazard may

Hazards: the destruction of the body's normal circadian clock law.

The activities of the various organs of the body has a circadian. The normal law will make us energy during the day and sleep well at night. If you often stay in bed, it will disrupt the normal human biological clock law. Want to use the holidays to supplement sleep, can sleep twelve hours the first two days of the holiday, then slowly resume a normal schedule two days after the holiday.

Hazards: the insufficiency of the brain.

Sleep process, the cerebral cortex in an inhibitory state, if the stay in bed, it will cause the brain cortex over a long period of suppression, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the brain, so stay in bed wake up, you will feel dizzy , there is no spirit.

Hazards: lead to indigestion.

Stay in bed often do not eat breakfast, then upset the body's normal physical laws, and also had a negative impact on gastrointestinal function. Stay in bed and will also affect the body's excretory function, are likely to cause constipation.

Harm: impact of the health of the urinary system.

Stay in bed can cause urine retention in the body for a long time, so toxic substances in the urine which will harm the health of our body. In addition, the long stay in bed, will slow the body's blood circulation, leading to good nutrition in the body can not send, so the metabolic substances produced by the muscles and joints can not be out of the body.