Osteonecrosis of the preventive health measures

June 02 [Sat], 2012, 18:09
Femoral head necrosis is a common bone disease, a serious threat to the health of patients, and patients if not treated in time, is likely to be causing serious harm, so we must do the routine preventive health measures, thenfemoral head necrosis in preventive health measures, what does? we invite orthopedic experts to introduce, I hope we can bring help.

First, the femoral head necrosis patients should pay attention to diet and reasonable, do not eat the food of the hormone, not long-term heavy drinking, usually pay attention to calcium, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, more than the sun, to prevent excessive weight-bearing, often regular activities, so it is helpful to prevent the disease.

Second, enhance the awareness of hip protection, serious injuries when the femoral neck fracture, rigid fixation method, but also with vascularized pedicle flap head bone graft to promote the transport of the blood of head protection prevent the incidence of osteonecrosis after surgery should regularly conduct follow-up, taking the appropriate calcium and traditional Chinese medicine, the prevention of avascular necrosis.

Finally, the cause osteonecrosis of the important reasons for the use of large doses of hormones, so when the need to use steroids because of certain diseases, it is necessary to master the principle of short-term right amount, and also with calcium, vitamin D, or drugs to dilate blood vessels, can not arbitrarily change the drug and dosage, in order to avoid serious consequences.

Femoral head necrosis in preventive health care measures first is to pay attention to weather changes, wind cold dampness evil, re-injury. Avoid alcohol, hormones, anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs. Armpit frame crutches to reduce weight. To strengthen the exercise of indoor function (such as internal rotation, external rotation, air, kicking, etc.). Prevention of fractures, to prevent the collapse of the articular surface.