Computer users how radiation skin care

June 02 [Sat], 2012, 18:07
Computer users how radiation skin care? Computer users are not found in the face of the computer long after the bad skin, the pores thicker, long a lot of spots, very irritable. Computer users how radiation skin care? I teach you the three major methods, the MM of the computer users to raise a delicate good skin.

◆ 1, diet control

Practice has proved very effective nutritious food on the computer disease prevention. Eat carrots, bean sprouts, tomatoes, lean meat, animal liver and so rich in vitamins A and C, and protein foods, often drink green tea, and so on.

Is necessary on the computer desk to put a few pieces of bananas, the banana in potassium can help the body flush out excess salt, and let the body of potassium and sodium balance, relieve eye symptoms. In addition, bananas contain a large number of β-carotene, when the body lacks this substance, the eye becomes painful, dry, dull eyes, dehydration less God and more bananas only reduce these symptoms, but also in certain extent, alleviate eye fatigue, prevent premature aging eyes.

◆ 2, face and protective face

Online prior to good skin care isolation, such as the use of pearl membrane formation in the skin layer of 0.001mm pearl film, anti-pollution environment against radiation; followed by the use of the computer, face will absorb a lot of electromagnetic radiation particles, should be promptly wash with water, so that would reduce the radiation suffered 70% or more!

◆ 3, the installation of the filter plate

Best to operate a computer display on a computer special color filter panels in order to reduce the radiation hazards, not be placed indoors loitering metal objects to avoid re-emission of electromagnetic waves. Using the computer to adjust the brightness of the screen, in general, the bigger the screen brightness, electromagnetic radiation is stronger the smaller the contrary. However, it can not be stressed too dark, so as not to effect the brightness is too small, and could easily lead to eye fatigue.