Feeling Improved a Bit!? 

February 02 [Mon], 2009, 21:44
From today, one of the courses I'm taking this semester has started.

The course is "International Political Economy".

It is very surprising that we gonna cover one chapter per a day since we have only one month for this course, having the class everyday morning!!

I realized that I need to read many pages each day... yes, I can!! hahaah

I usually have another class on Mondays and Tuesdays, in which I feel a bit bored but really enjoy talking with some exchange students during break time.

In this class we have exchange students from America, Mongolia, Australia, South Korea, and the Czech Republic.

Today I was so happy

A Necessity in this Dry Winter 

January 30 [Fri], 2009, 15:12
What I don't like is... "dryness"!!

Particularly in winter, almost all parts of my body get dry easily... hair, lips, skin...

But I have a very useful item. It is body butter! My favorite one is this:

"Coconut Cream Body Butter"

On the back of package, it says
"Made with virgin coconut cream & shea butter to smoothe & moisturize skin. Works well to deep moisturize hair and scalp. Work into dry hair, leave on 15 minutes then wash out."

I haven't tried it on my scalp yet, but it sounds nice!

This body butter is great because it smells of fine coconut but not so strongly and it's not oily, although it is absorbed in my skin quickly and moisturizes.

Moreover, it is made from all natural ingredients. It contains
"virgin coconut cream, shea butter, palm oil, coconut oil, aloe vera, and glycerin".
So I can use it on my lips without any concerns.

I bought this product in Victoria, Canada, where I was last year. In downtown, I found an old man selling many kinds of natural soap and body butter in a stand. He talked to me friendly, explained this body butter, and let me try some of his products. It cost me C$15 and a bit expensive for me, but I bought it because I enjoyed talking with him^^ Actually this body butter works very well!!

You can find some information about this product and others in this website:

Pacific Coast Soap Works


Flower Arrangement 

January 28 [Wed], 2009, 20:07
Today I had only one class, which is "Flower Arrangement".

Our professor is a professional flower arranging and tea ceremony person. She is graceful whenever I see her

This is my work for last week.

And this is my work for today.

I could bring it back to my room

I found it quite interesting that, although students in my class used almost the same materials, they made very different work!

This flower in my room definitely gives me ease when I get tired...
It also reminds me of my beloved grandmother who really loves flowers and takes care of a variety of flowers in her house.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's activity in flower arrangement class!

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