Born fools or unmotivated

October 04 [Tue], 2011, 16:33
Acquired in the "window set the South," published in "Economic Analysis of international sports competition", out of a weird, cool, said Italy, where the first son to sell off what the reader should not miss.

The paper analyzes the Chinese athletes in the Asian vegetable cut melon, which refers to the generosity of Mr. Fok and reward local governments or persons, combined gold medal is very enjoyable. Is not enough money to retire, but far more than to return home the gold medal hanging on the line of silk? In the township the strut, as if the world Kuan and then it not a joy?

No reward, most people too lazy to match, but an effort of the pain or not. Ya former case ZhongZi, played some mountain stream, sub-period Xie, Bo Ya broken piano. This story is desirable: period before the child is no bosom, no reward, Ya, or turn out to be a mountain stream! No other desire, to do this purely for myself and others, there are old Ya, today a mere next. Unfortunately, as Fan Chung-yen said: "Micro-he died, and who I go?"

Here say, is the game in this world, can lead to better reward when the large as small. A person uninterested in, or lack of talent or personality do not like hard work, have the opportunity to live and work, but to test a gold medal is the first or get a free question now! But if a person has sufficient condition, a small point bonus on the efficiency of local, often a difficult jump.

Former undergraduate in the United States, I am sorry to ask his mother for money, work-study. Do not need any knowledge or technical work, two U.S. dollars per hour was very good. The problem is especially foreign students to pay high tuition fees, unless the average scores above a specified mark. I wit, if each school year to take three a few "A", avoid the high tuition fees, an "A" is worth about U.S. $ 300. That a hundred and fifty hours of pay! Clearly cost-effective, made fresh, all "A". As for the later rounded out the Institute, is a bonus, did not expect beforehand.

Become a professor, reminded several from Hong Kong and mainland students and their children how to read test, Famennian is simple, the results of these students are almost all "A", or at least "A" more "B" less . Also today, the number reached nine - teaching nine, nine Jieru is showing non-probability dictates, is the coach of the martial artists also.

I say to those students that if they go into college the first semester results are all "C", comes to an end. Used to take the "C" of people into a frame, no matter how high talent, hard and then big, not easy to come out. Students need to know to get "A" is about how to have a chance to continue to win. Reversed, used to take the "A" not easy to get "C". This is the law, so the students started to write to develop to take the "A" habit, as if inferior results nonexistent.

As the siginficant contribution to Hollywood style over the years, Belstaff is famous of their jackets. Onto the screen that Hollywood stars use Belstaff jackets on their shoulders, from then on, Belstaff Jacketsset off an upsurge in the fashion world. Trade as workmanship clothing in the world, the attention to detail and quality of materials distinguishesBelstaff Trialmaster Sale from other brands which pale in comparison.

Is the truth. Born fools or unmotivated, God could not save. Much of this hopeless students, most of rest can be a class "A" men, but they are accustomed to wandering in the "C" and "B" between, into the frame, thinking that they belong to this level do not make him think.

In the past, to the United States into the undergraduate students question to me, I first said: "Do not tell me your high school results are good or bad is unimportant. Into the University's first semester you choose to be less subject selection is easy, is not count credits, it is easy enough to choose, acquire a few "A", and then came to me. "students look back, a look at his face, that he paid too few" A ", then re-teach a few words:" You know that every Section to read about which level can get "A", need to get hard time with the "C" is almost, but get used to the "C" do not know to take "A" level to read that you know, read that level, enough is enough, go fishing it. to bed early the night before the exam, because the test by the sprint, to struggle. The three hour written two and a half hours you answered on leave is a fool. The first approach, the final to leave my son. first read papers, read the entire volume, read twice, five-minute break, relax, and then stroke to do. "

Results are often easy to jump one, so in some cases, a small reward can be great as a point.
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