many real estate documents on this point

January 10 [Tue], 2012, 15:57
ruin your first look, then you should make your choice of clothing Abercrombie output. The dresses are available in different designs and colors that can be copied by all other brands designs available. Especially if you solve the problems of the commodification of housing. And only the market can the people with the home base can not be guaranteed. This year the report of the government and the new minister's speech was very clear. Except for a few people there, people from the government to help solve the housing, the majority of people in government to help solve the housing market around. For example, the new minister has clearly indicated that over 80% of the housing problem has to be done to solve the abercrombie wholesale clothing market. And the market should be diversified so when the structure housing the restrictive credit policies and tax incentives, etc.

Three is the housing guarantee system of the problem, said the new minister, the government can not be for those who have little or no low-income people have to offer direct help by the way, the basic living conditions . What used to go to Hong Kong and Singapore, China, these conditions? Even with someone else is also on the results of 50-60 years. Therefore, China's basic housing guarantee system should be paid directly by the government to be very low. As the United States, the proportion of low-rent house is only 3-4%. China is not how much more than most.

4, the housing market, prices rose rapidly to the ground. It is not the supply of the housing market and demand, but the market should decide. So as long as the change in expectations, the housing market, the market supply of housing and demand change significantly. How to change this kind of market forecasts? In fact, the minister talk about new clarity of meaning, first in the market is not reasonable living needs. At this stage, the Prime Ministers of the Government's report this year in three locations were clear. And the imposition of the most important real estate investment in the housing market (I was much discussion about it)

As the real estate marketabercrombie mens clothingto include investment demand, the Chinese real estate market, many problems can be solved. Can say, the current real estate market to see many of the problems that the most important thing is that investment demand for housing too, too big, high tide. This year, the government workabercrombie mens clothing report to the speech or the new minister in a clear view, which this year is the government's policy is to real estate, real estate included a request for heavy investment. Stressed that, since 2007, many real estate documents on this point. And this paper says that not only to curb the real estate market demand for new investment, and investment real estate within strict limits must take control policy

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