Beijing Hyundai's market frustrated

October 13 [Thu], 2011, 9:22
However, since this year's Spring Festival, Beijing Hyundai's development of the inflection point, the total sales and single-brand car sales plummeted, sales and business began to fade out the top 10 selling products. Occasionally Elantra barely top 10, also in on the list. For a time the suppression of Beijing Hyundai was very bored, as if the market opened with their big joke. More to be recognized according to the present point of view, Beijing Hyundai proud to frustration from a few main reasons are:

First, by the capacity constraints, the second is the pricing errors of individual products, the three product replacement subsequent fatigue, four corporate leadership change. And the "adjustment year" in 2005 without making preparations, such as time or at least to expand production capacity to prepare for the expansion of production capacity, the Beijing Hyundai not passive as it is today. To time, a time when China's automobile market is "Black May" turmoil struggling to Beijing Hyundai has a unique show to be complacent with the "scenery here is fine," Jyu not for the risk. Lack of vision of Beijing Hyundai, and finally the frequent appearance in the new car in 2007, entered its passive "adjustment years."

In fact, Beijing Hyundai's market frustrated, at first glance is lost in the products, but careful study, but it is lost in the culture. Beijing Hyundai product, can be said to make also earned sleepwalk, sleepwalk too cold in the cold also. If the Japanese car is the easy way out and captivated the Chinese people's psychological pragmatism; German cars is by the so-called well-crafted, rigorous process; and French cars by the romantic mood; U.S. Department of cars by the atmosphere and assertive ; and our national brand by the rapid advances in technology coupled with people's emotional affinity; then Korean cars became popular for a while in order to demonstrate the "Korean wave" angry, frustrated, and then suddenly suffered a "cold", what What is a cultural phenomenon with match it?

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On this issue, many people are one of the fog, to put it simply, buy a Korean car map Gesha it? In the Chinese market, people who want to push the South Korean car did not thought about it, but also made in China, South Korea's car market, people who have been pondering this issue? Conversely, if these continue in the Korean car market in China, Bo hit the market on people, transposition of ordinary Chinese consumers, then you might as well think about it, you buy a Korean car it plans Gesha ? In fact, Korean cars in the process level, the technology research and development, has its own strengths and the strengths, otherwise, not into the United States, into Europe.

However, popular in the Chinese market to something, you must be culturally appropriate in a given reason, in fact, the market has grown to this sake, but also shows everything must give a reason. Name is run smoothly, "There is no reason to love, there is no reason to hate", this sentence is very old-fashioned, but it is used. Korean cars are not that technically too bad, but in the Chinese market in the manufacturing and selling of people, it seems that the psychological demands of their audiences are at a loss.

So Now that the initial point from the popular to the taste of bitter disappointment, made no urgent need, what kind of a quick success is not a hand, not much staying power it? Come back to do their homework before it. South Korea's car, after all, has its many advantages, if able to make a comeback on our own-brand car companies, although it will go to run a portion of market share, but there will be a lot of reference, after all, many successful The market will promote more people to succeed, so we really afraid of Korean cars make a comeback, but South Korean cars do they have the confidence to make a comeback?