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April 24 [Wed], 2013, 17:08
Sorry for you .... this time around is no time to back a message> <
I have seen a message yo!

This time to share some cute little jewelry
Little girls I know very little hair jewelry text
The FU screen in order to present it to everyone ~ I have special intentions editing Oh!
I hope you will like Na> / / / / <

The first is the first lace flower ribbon

And Lace ah!
The flowers are hand in hand composed of ribbon XD
Real product is quite beautiful! Stood not read happy (mistakenly)

A while back, the general merchandise seems to be popular similar ribbon
But I did not dare to try> <
I'm afraid too exaggerated or not for me ....
This takes the plunge seems to have OK roar?
Again to share
Before a small preview of Leopard bow banana clips

Banana clips are really convenient for me to pop
Well xddd because the lazy tied hair is always looking for quick easy way
Banana clips hair is not easy to change type

Girls with long hair should have to eat eat hair troubled roar?
Sometimes noodles out, I think it will come up with folder xd
But the shape of the banana clips are hundreds of models
Believe that little girls have their own favorite style!
Said the Leopard rammed while
But I like a little introverted Leopard ~ collections
Usually exaggerated leopard style single product would let me near and far
So relatively speaking Leopard small things that caught my eye it is easier to
The leopard bow shape I think is so cute
Pearl embellishment in the middle.
The Material on some silver onions
The bow is a lovely double butterfly
The overall shape is quite the finishing touch!
The next one is like gold chocolate bar <リンク:>Pandora Silver Beads uk Sale
At the English word LOVE AND BE LOVEABLE
I suppose I was not wearing style
The clavicle necklace really have many fascinating form
Zhong Zimei should be a lot of hard to resist it?

Whole outfit will not be too complex
The clavicle necklace will jump out
Come first insertion of two long necklace
The first golden kink tassel necklace

The Staphylococcus is really eye-catching Oh!
Relative if the style did not pick will likely become tacky

Haha after a year I have accumulated some tassels gadgets ~
Incidentally .... fringed with suede material is my food it (laughs)

This necklace is double tassel chain with kink shape to a small kink ball in the bottom of pack
Under a long necklace is pretty wild style
Pink teardrop gemstone necklace

I think this is the color of spring!
Before the road encountered someone told me that pink is my lucky color yeah XDDD
Really helpful!

A while back oval gems long necklace good popular
Because collocation highly!
I have seen a lot of sisters to collect a variety of colors
Just Monday to Sunday day one ~ Oh
And they seem to sell more cheap Mile

Water drop, relatively speaking, more particularly some
This gem surrounded by small beads fenced
Quite complement each other!

Below this is a very lovely necklace clavicle
A color beaded birds clavicle necklace

That the time to see the seller's photo feel better ....
Later, after wearing that shoot good texture xDDD (I will not be the seller beaten> <)

This I feel quite engaging and
In fact, is it because I did not love at first sight ....
Later imagined not bad

I think it is the most successful white birds!
Finally, a little star baby elephant double collarbone necklace

This double necklace with playful
I think the special place is its shape with thick slices to render
Poof ~ I do not have to take significant facets yeah!
But a closer look should be able to feel its thickness? XD
Leopard banana clip appeared ~ ~ ~
How do I feel the leopard inside black color .... just with my head pudding (crying)
Recently, however, do not have time to deal with it
After knock Hello!
Xiao Kira small language

1. Korean jewelry by cheap Pandora DIY Bracelets
The Leopard Bow banana clips crowned I love hair accessories first
Really can not underestimate the charm of the small things ~

In fact, I've bought her family's hair accessories yo
Before have forgotten her home for a long while ....
Bought some Korean jewelry in other places .... and later saw her home is cheaper really distraught ah!
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