with two female heart Rou jump

October 18 [Thu], 2012, 10:12
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultPs: recommend leaves home riverside huge explosion suddenly ,if not a few female stop ,I this old maple is blown to be smashed to pieces .
But the same is true ,if not the ancient Maple machine quickly, a three female down, perhaps three women will follow injury .This ,as well as a return present for present .The explosion after the noise, a few people still lying on the floor did not dare to move ,a great ,when they finally calm down ,but not by all her flush up to one .
Explosion sounded the moment, gold Panlin stand in front of old maple ,direct was his face down in the body, Wang Ling was his arm to the axilla ,Liu Shiya was his other hand to press down ,now the chest is one of his big hands firmly pressing .
This is ... ... Very like on the three P scenes !But the high officials now no center ,must be under God to ask : Michelle Wai ,Wang Ling ,do you have ? Wang Ling replied : I I ! Liu Shiya also concern says: ok ,doctor ,you have not injured ! Ancient Chinese head, a mouth airway : no ! A voice from the ancient Maple body under the ring , why don me, I have something !! All the people to go ,and was under pressure in the body of the ancient Chinese gold Panlin ,the ambiguous sleeping pose ,with two female heart Rou jump ,face heat ,to struggle to climb, and then put the old maple and gold Panlin pull up .
Old maple patted the dust ,asked : what Panlin injured ?Let me see. Jin Panlin had cut his one eye ,and my face red, her chest and groin are ancient Maple Nong pain very much, but when there were so many people in the face ,not dare not to say, to Rou ,more afraid to let the old maple watching .
Liu Shiya sees ,rushed over and whispered questioned her, gold Panlin said .Wang Ling said : the ancient Feng ,what do we do now ? Old maple watching still intense burning jeep ,know inside that few people would have to die !Though death is not to be regretted.
These people ,but is not to stay alive asked cues ,heavy y í nonce said : I call people to solve ,you all enter ! See a few women got on the car, the ancient Maple that took out the phone call was to the queen ,turning things over Xun said again .
Old maple queen instructions to leave the scene, not exposure status ,she immediately sent to solve and to investigate this matter .Things by Queen took over, to the beautiful woman boss ability ,ancient Maple there won any menace from the UGG Amberlee Sale,so get on with several women leaving .
In the car when a woman ,just think of it ,still have a lingering fear ,little face pale .Old maple from the rearview mirror saw several women was so frightened ,the heart is also very sorry ,busy to comfort them and said: never mind ,it we can ! Wang Ling said : the ancient maple ,what are these people? Why would I kill you ? Old maple shook his head , they do not necessarily come to kill me ! The three goddess color change ,especially gold Panlin ,eyes not show fear .
Ancient Chinese said: from the beginning of last night ,I had a feeling that we are being followed ,despite their car is different, but I still doubt ,just kill our last night track our gang .
I doubt they will want to start last night ,but last night we just show up, and the scene got so big, they did not dare to do . Wang Ling amazed : how can this be ?They are trying to kill? Jin Panlin finally opened the mouth , if I guess right ,these are meant for me !Yesterday I got off the plane ,high Lippo said that we are being followed .
Wang Lingdao : Ancient Chinese thought : in front of a US New Ruifeng resort ,we go there ! Three women naturally have no objection .In the vacation village road, the ancient Maple called Li Xiaolan ,just something simple that again, let him send up their !.
.. ... ... ... ... ... The new Phoenix Resort & Spa, is a set of hot spring bathing ,dining ,living shrinkage ,fitness, entertainment integrated x ì ngleisure entertainment .New keen was Yihe help when, the resort is a hotel ,justice and help people is responsible for have a look up ,valet parking !Yee hop help rectification into new Ruifeng ,Ding Hanhan felt that this place is far away from downtown ,the geographical location of a certain advantage, suitable for rectification into a large spa resort ,then set the hotel and surrounding area !In the rectification of the time ,ancient Chinese did and she came .
Now people resort already completed ,the business is good .Hummer vehicles to enter the door, received the Li Xiaolan announcement resort general manager Huang more money had already fought in waiting .
Group Boss ,these industries responsible person want to mix ,we must take it UGG Patent Paisley Boots Sale,so Li Xiaolan Jiao to must protect the president ,yellow more money has all security are assembled together ,and announced today temporarily closed ,special reception president in a row .
Now see the cars into the old maple ,yellow money immediately led up to the general manager ,he also personally for ancient Chinese door open ,respectful salute greet every body ,considerate .
Old maple has been low-key ,not accustomed to such people have a retinue before and behind the scenes ,but is a few female safety ,also had high-profile back .In the VIP room to rest a little, yellow money came to inform ,lunch is ready .
Old maple on several seem to feel depressed woman said: go ,we go to dinner . Jin Panlin shook his head ,said he has no appetite .Old maple laughs: big deal, not food ,really die, don hungry ghost ! Jin Panlin was vexed that cross a glimpse of him , will not speak ? Ancient Chinese said: it is to eat ,the lady is not fearless ? Jin Panlin is not convinced : go, who cares ? All of this together to eat .
Yellow money arrangement of the meal was very rich ,all dishes .Fried crab hill ,No Naoko ,brine shrimp ,white went to J ī Creekfish ,fried ,sauteed wild fern ,ginger duck soup ,kung fu .
Originally have no appetite for women to see the table of delicious dishes ,have to eat y ù ,not just for a while large flower .In the ancient Feng et al time ,Li Xiaolan has led to ,first time to see the maple .
Ancient Chinese see the arrival of Li Xiaolan ,know for certain that he will get everything arranged ,did not say too much ,just ask him to eat meal ?Li Xiaolan said that he had already eaten, then exit orders to bring their own the new Ruifeng elite in the resort around the guard ,make sure that the resort safety .
Ancient Chinese think this thing is about themselves, or the Panlin and, with Liu Shiya and Wang Ling irrelevant ,only the Wang Lingshen for Jin Panlin close friend ,no reason for leaving ,but Liu Shiya had no reason to stay ,because the ancient Maple would not allow such a simple little nurses involved in the complex things .
After the old maple have dined and wined to satiety ,on Liu Michelle Wai said: ,I want us to take you home ! Although Liu Shiya is reluctant ,but also know now is time ,so they behave , doctor ,you have to look to their own safety .
Old maple nodded ,called Li Xiaolan ,to let him send Liu Shiya to take her home ,but also to ensure that she must have arrived home safely .Later learned that Liu Shiya had been safely home ,old maple that micro relief .
At the resort ,not to a spa is a 1ang charge ,where the old maple ready to soak hot springs ,relax frayed nerves .Jin Panlin said she was tired, want to rest in the room .Wang Ling wanted to stay with her ,but she saw the ancient Fengzhao blink of an eye ,I have to talk to him ,had to go .
I heard the ancient maple to hot springs ,yellow money personally led ,led them to the mandarin duck pond .The mandarin duck pond is very particular North Face Men's 3 In 1 Jackets,yellow money more mysterious attached to the ancient Maple ear ,called the mandarin duck pond water can not only massage ,can promote x ì ng.
After listening to sniff at old maple is ,he had x ì ng�,do we need to improve ?See him endless endless ,it impatiently waved him down ,and asked him not to let anyone near here .The only access to the ancient Chinese Mandarin Duck Pond Road ,and Wang Ling soon came to the mandarin duck pond ,the pond is located in the side of the hill, it built a pavilion like some shade ,erected around various rocks and rockeries block ,the environment is very elegant, close to enter door, is not afraid of a .
The pool ,ancient Maple watching the body in large Mao towel King Ling ,incense shoulder 1uo gel ,the white snow and water ,the two legs are you heartbeat ,heart of fire came up ,a pair of eyes to her reluctant to turn away !For a short while, wrapped around her waist big Mao napkins very indecent to top ,although be block ,but also not conceal the bulge part .
Old maple body changes ,all falls in Wang Ling ,nibble down lips ,face slightly red ,light ,saying: goat ! Old maple laughed ,easily copied ,took her in his arms ,let her sit to his leg .
Wang Ling scared ,body shivers up ,dare not see him .The maple is softly : Wang Ling ,sorry ,i ... North Face Gloves Sale... Wang Ling micro Leng ,know that he said is the seven Baoshan Temple things ,immediately hand over his mouth and said: t say sorry ,is my own willing !If you really want to say sorry ,I should say that ,I don Yu Xun, but I can escape from this marriage UGG Women's Tall Sheepskin Cuff.
Ancient Feng and her face-to-face embracing ,gently lifted her head down ,looking at her .Wang Ling couldn escape his eyes ,had to look to him, not just for a while some crazy m í said: the ancient maple ,I really miss you ,you know it and you in together, but I just can .
Track: since ancient Fengrou control, then don control . Speaking ,old maple on hand gently untangling her large Mao towel .Wang Ling heart pupu jumping ,charming be angry : ? Old maple grinned , in addition to do ,but also what ! Wang Ling hand screw him up, I said : you can so bad ?Morning in the mountain time ,you and I have that? The ancient Fengzhen vibration has the words : the morning you have eaten ,noon eat ? Wang Ling tapped him laugh ,feel the body Mao towel he ripped off ,not by shame makes a sound, down to his shoulders ,his mouth bite .
Old maple by buoyancy in the water ,gently put her hold up ,then slowly down .A Wang Ling hot heart hot and enrich into her body ,body subconsciously tightened, hands push around ancient maple back !Maybe the safety ,comfort ,and special environment ,perhaps frightened need comfort ,Wang Ling this time particularly enthusiasm and initiative .
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