Ye Shaofeng will be well prepared for

December 26 [Wed], 2012, 10:46
Ye Shaofeng received his seven telephone time, happens to be Christmas in first week in office, which receives a call.Yue seven is not know Ye Shaofeng's mobile phone number, probably in 114 found Ye Shaofeng in the office of the office telephone, so, just hit me."Shaofeng leaves, R ì son disappeared, unexpectedly, I Yue seven will find you in the capital city."Yue seven y ī n insurance.Ye Shaofeng slightly shocked, but fight fire with water., road mix, do not fear the enemy to revenge, since she came, Ye Shaofeng will be well prepared for battle Men's Canada Goose Banff Cheap.Early hear you "to the capital, but also brought a lot of people coming from the south, reportedly UGG Women'sBailey I Do, also with big league.How, in Beijing to enter a little world of their own?"Ye Shaofeng was very easily."Of course, you dragon arrived, my wife's seven, nature also came, in addition, there is now great man to me to do the backing, what am I afraid of?"Yue seven said."Now the capital crime is such a mess, you must be careful ah."Ye Shaofeng said."This of course leaves director C ā o heart, since we came, we know the environment, also know, what I should do, but you also leaves director, think for yourself.""I think for yourself?"Ye Shaofeng asked."Consider your funeral, my Yue seven after this, is to make your pound of flesh.I in H province have a peaceful life, you say break broke, I worked hard to operate industrial said you hit, you in the province of H hand covered the sky, I do you, but, now in the capital, but, I have great backing to do, you don't want to take my hand, heart.Take account of your dead now, maybe, someday, you will die in shoes!"Yue seven said."Yue seven, don't take things before argue with me, you with Wang Changshui burned our program studio, I will avenge you.The night before, we have to say good, the very next day, you have to burn my house, you are not to me, actually y ī n risks to start at my woman, you think, what you do thanks, I can put you?Nonsense, don't tell you, on who is right and who is wrong UGG Nightfall Discount, that's bullshit.Has what ability, you come on, however, you will be careful, one day, you will die in shoes, maybe more than I do, die early!"Ye Shaofeng the fearless."Well, we'll wait and see, foliaceous director, I hope you can live for christmas."Then, Yue seven hang up the phone.These days, the Beijing Office of the three estate, is Luo Tian management in the restaurant and high activity.Their hearts out of a set of cuisine, the name is very Newby, called Han banquet.In the capital, casually which restaurant, you can see a big words, however, there are several really can make a big, are in fact.The Beijing Office restaurant this withdrawal of this cuisine, although not a big name so arrogant, but is absolutely genuine goods at a fair price.The whole system, a name, when our country is in the Han Dynasty, popular food.In fact, who do not know the time everybody what to eat, how to launch the restaurant, we how identity.In order to cope with this set of cuisine restaurant sales, all wore the clothing.However, some media reports on restaurant made some shit, what the office three to produce a worshiper of foreign things, clerk in R ì the kimono swagger.In fact, they wear the kimono is where ah, when Han clothing.Small R ì the kimono, is according to the Hanfu is learned, we wear their national dress, even being on a kimono dress hat, this is Luo Tian atmosphere.Some of the so-called patriotic, played patriotic banner, everywhere to play rascal.Wine waiter wearing just gives these patriotic rogue continued to play on the reason.In the past few days, many claiming to be a patriot to restaurants, shouted let the waiter to bring a change of clothes.The waiter does not change, just open up.Restaurant which has long brothers, a look at the trouble for people, certainly must come from.The restaurant this several day has had several fights wounding incident, but too little, dragon brother played several patriotic rogue, will no longer rogue dare come, no media over blind disinformation.
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