and even he did not expect SHEN

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SHEN and not too much to Dali Raymond, because there is no to that sake, and Raymond do not know because of what seems to be some fear look completely with the previously entered the room when two like it because just that phone? In fact, SHEN do not know the hidden numbers the Liuzhuang and Raymond is how much shock. (See fiction to the vertex novel network) "fat man, me first to go, to ask you in advance and peak brother Year time goodbye." See SHEN go, of Liuzhuang the heart still feel very pity today this opportunity is too casual, and even he did not expect SHEN will be out of that car on the way back from the airport directly came here, because this is their place, I do not know about the future is not also There is such an opportunity. But when they leave, SHEN still looked a liuzhuang, Liu Zhuang immediately take the hint to go a step approached directly came to the edge of the SHEN "fat brother, if you have time to help me get two dragons fish back, but I just colorful dragon. "taking advantage of the Liuzhuang some consternation when, intentionally or unintentionally, SHEN said a" fat brother, you have heard of such a sentence? only support dead fish, did not starve to death fish, your fish tank which put too many things "heard the words the Liuzhuang spirit is aroused,Nike Air Jordan Womens Shoes, he can be whatever SHEN intention or not saying, in his opinion SHEN this thing deliberately mention point. But arrived in the door position, SHEN to put your hands, "Well, you would have to wear less, do not come out, I have a go on it." Liu Zhuang hesitated for a moment, then nodded, said: "All right, I will not give you, what I let them sent to the downstairs inside the taxi, if you accept it when I was a friend, then, there is no worth, is to eat and drink." SHEN looked liuzhuang a moment, then nodded, smiled and left. Etc. the SHEN disappear in the hallway for some time, liuzhuang level seems crazy rushed back, scared Raymond thought, what happened to it? I saw liuzhuang suddenly all of a sudden the phone copied, "Hey, youngest? Liuzhuang, I add you right now something for me to the door of the taxi above, on the basis of the original 20 China installed two boxes. "Zhuang brother, our China remaining two cases, this two-day shipping, can not be used in lieu of, such as Yellow Crane Tower and the world this category, so inventory, there are many. "fart." the Liuzhuang the fire at once the up, "Do not give me crap, so I installed it I installed." finished directly after put the phone to buckle , and then greeted the Raymond, two people out of the room, directly came to the office on the top floor, and also did not turn on the lights, two people directly have stood in the position of the window and looked down. Raymond saw SHEN on a taxi, and then stopped at the position of the door of the restaurant, one will see someone busy divvying hold things into the trunk of a car, wait until the taxi after Raymond was found Liu Zhuang gently breath, "Zhuang brother, in the end he is someone's child, so the rocks? how not heard?" liuzhuang looked at his brother, after brewing a bit slowly returned to a position between the package and went to the door when I saw a suit and tie guy is standing where, saw the two people in the Liuzhuang and Raymond hurried over, "Lau Siu Lin." the Liuzhuang play a After the start, things are in accordance with my prior commanded to two boxes that smoke I installed? "see this guy nodded, Liu Zhuang nodded," to our last two pot of tea, Lin and I have something to talk about. "after everything properly, Liuzhuang and Raymond two people sat down face to face, looking at his face contemplative Liu Zhuang, Raymond's heart is also some apprehension," Zhuang brother, is not I give tonight you trouble? "hear the voice of Raymond, the Liuzhuang this anti-taste, carefully looked at his brother," Today is a big opportunity for you, I can not tell you in the end not leave any impression in his mind. "looked down at her brother, Liu Zhuang laughed," You want to know who he is? "Raymond nodded, but did not speak. "If we really want might check out, but if replaced I were you I would not do that, because you check out some of the surface, very superficial things that I had when my dad some relationship between some surveys, Mao did not check out that his dad is a level cadres of Customs, single-parent families, grandfather and grandmother ran a home appliance stores. "Raymond heard here, with a staggering view watching Liu Zhuang, Zhuang brother, you do not mistake this identity also used to curry favor with him, he, in turn, lick our feet about it!, Liu tert Who! dignified Municipal Committee, Politics and Law Committee secretary of the Public Security Bureau. dad, although a little to, but whatever the outcome, is also a Major General! "Oh, in accordance with the truth is like this, then I say one thing well, you know my dad how to rise up the Municipal Standing Committee and secretary of Politics and Law Committee? you know how I was a second-rate hawkers to this point today? "Raymond deeply inhaled a deep breath," Zhuang brother, you do not tell me he is, I do not believe that. "Then, shaking his head violently. Zhuang brother, the joke is not so open? I do not get drunk. "The inside specific reason after I talk to you, but I can to this point today, I know who I should be grateful I can also tell little things, I out with him for a very, very long time, but the relationship between the two of us today if you had not suddenly appear, will never know a second person., and I also know SHEN a secret, you do not tell me that you do not see that phone number? "Speaking here, Raymond head immediately to turn up,Nike Air Jordan 3 UK," phone number that we will not say, you and I have not eaten pork pig how to run or have seen. Zhuang brother, this thing Uncle Liu really do not know? But this is why you do not understand! "liuzhuang shook his head," you really are stupid enough to home, I ask you after I let my dad know What are the benefits? soaring step, or in exchange for an enormously wealthy man? can not, our Father had just given birth Municipal Committee office only a few years time it maybe two chances of promotion, but definitely not now say the Father of our house is going up is only a matter of time, but If we drop it? "Raymond suddenly realized," I understand, this is really an amulet to Uncle Liu added. "figured Here, Raymond the liuzhuang fiercely nodded, "Thank you, Zhuang brother, I really do not know the things today, we grew up to wear a pair of pants, I do not want to say anything." Hey, you're more more mixed.'s not my brother do not like to hear you did not turn the bend small peak, I'll ask you one, why your father and my father relationship so well, the problem may be some simple that I plus, why the relationship between the two of us so well? to throw emotional reasons. "Raymond's face changes," Your father and my father is a force comrades-in-arms, the most telling As for you and me between the previous generation's sake, we are made smaller. "you might think of what reason, but you can not say, because you're afraid, then I say so." " enough Zhuang brother! "Raymond shouted loudly, and looked wan smile liuzhuang," have forced me to say things out of it? even a trace of the faces are ignored! have to strip to see people. "Liu Zhuang this time but I laughed, "Since you understand like, not to say that you and my brother have to like this, is I do not want your kid so abandoned it, so take advantage of this opportunity say two, you can listen, you can not listen, does not matter what, as you say, between two people, you and I are brothers, as long as I have a bite to eat, it is definitely a lot less that parts. "Raymond this time the head has begun to some confusion, Liu Zhuang let him sit quietly inside the house like a period of time, he came Let the following people to go out and buy something back, because they Tea Room, and there is not much to eat and drink such things. And so on with their own stuff back to the room, Raymond has some exciting sitting there, saw things the Liuzhuang brought the, say nothing, just a punch in the the Liuzhuang chest above hammer, then two personal holding peanuts, beef sauce, bring to the few cases of beer that he eliminated. Oh, great, even if Raymond prettily beauty go back to his warm bed, the Liuzhuang is confused about to does not know the north, south, east, and west, like a child, like two people, huddled together to sleep a night time to wake up the next day when two people are laughing ha ha, very happy like two people for a long time are not so happy. Originally SHEN do not intend to leave so early, but more than an extra person sitting there, at least let themselves inside the heart did not feel so cool, and therefore would come out ahead, look at the time, now is not to eight ? If this time is to go back, do not know the father and mother is not still kiss me. Taxi drivers also from time to time steal glances at a child sitting in the back, just when the restaurant inside the third brother had been telling myself that, the guests want to Why Why Why Why Love? They do not ask many do not see many but not allowed to say something after San As for the car money already stuffed 500 into his pocket. Looks more than this evening that he is no longer out of the bus, or even a week without moving off, this is a enough. Is about ten o'clock when the ink has been on the outside, SHEN get a taxi to his cell downstairs, into the front of the security community saw SHEN, smiled and said a few words joke, but The taxi driver is not so much a good impression, and ordered him to have to come out in 15 minutes. Own downstairs, the taxi driver hurriedly ran to the car, things to move out, SHEN smiled and nodded, did not allow him to move everything inside the elevator. Such as the taxi was gone, SHEN pick up the phone, "Dad, if it is convenient, come down to the chant to get something back, I own some could not cover it to help out the pictures! "No one will, I saw a father alone from an elevator to go out, and saw SHEN SHEN around these things is surprised a moment," Son, you robbery gone! "do not blame intoxicated so said, those were things look on the ground, two small boxes of Chinese cigarettes, as well as a box of 12 bottles of Maotai, if we are not mistaken, the Maotai like or specialized goods supplied to the Military District, although the above seal is torn , but tear is not so clean. As for the rest of what wild ginseng, dry goods own did not pay attention to see, and there a similar treasure box box, do not know which are put,air jordan uk. Boy, father and son two people have to go several times this thing move into an elevator. Such as returning home when, SHEN looked at the face of their parents, in my heart I laughed, but did not show it on the surface SHEN what, at least not so that parents feel very embarrassed. Ma Yunfang Seeing these things also feel very surprised, this is not to say that something more precious, after all, can be considered a wealthy family background than the much more precious gift they have some numbness own The surprise this turned out to get his son back, this is so unexpected. Small waves, those things you where did you get? "SHEN holding that treasure box, looked open then also covered with a" gift from a friend, a long time are not met, we sit together chat, drink tea, when they leave things factor into my car, I looked at are not particularly valuable things, not well refuse the kindness of a friend, so it brought back. "Ma Yunfang weird looked at his son with your husband, then quietly said: "our son is not too mysterious, this day get along I do not feel anything, other than surprised, he would not be the name of your out under the banner of a trickster! "the name of my banner, the wife is not too much to see from me. If the son is the name of my banner to get so many things come back, do you think I am also it? probably already into eating soup buns drink, these things I am afraid this kid where to get back, you do not see that Maotai? Military Region, there is written specifically for our son, hands and feet stretch where I'm afraid not, you know. "
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