and Director Luo also qualify

November 15 [Thu], 2012, 18:08

Two sons Office. Chu Feng Ren. Accompany skip meals. Morning my heart jump sorghum, really Functional hell, step Secretary, he had to guess a ** pretty close. This field grid allows him a the Shrimps Vice Division is responsible for hostessing because only one! If not Teng inspired arrangements for the Secretary-General, he is in any case will not be such a small pawn sitting on a dinner. His thoughts, the Secretary-General Teng seem small problem Cardiff made, in other words, the too some carefully. Direct concessions Katsumi put pressure. Can achieve the same purpose! Dayton wine today is certainly not as good as to accompany him know! Heart to say this time you play do not hit the road, then blame me bluntly, the opportunity I've given you! Half past four, Liang Chen Municipal Public Security Bureau of the Political Department Director Luo, Chu, deputy director of the Municipal Office with the car left the PUC. Chu, deputy director of the strong demand. Liang Chen Director Luo riding Audi. That is a step-by-step self-denial on behalf of rice, but in fact they know, Liang Chen Chu, deputy director of The Municipal Office is a treat tonight. Hung Municipal license sedan through the Victory Avenue, the final stop in front of a hotel. The Liang Chen looked under the car the neon flashing Dorsett two Jinzizhaopai impulses, the heart suddenly kind of wanted to laugh. What a coincidence ah. Today his interrogation the Eastern Liaoning Normal security section of Gongke Chang. Over an addiction with special abilities to know each other in of Liaoyang most famous pin gold Cave night, he stepped into the door of the hotel! Seems, this Chu, deputy director of the program arranged, the focus is not on the dinner on! Chu, deputy director at the reception table to receive a card room, more sorghum morning to confirm the guess. The deputy director of the Chu prepared. Passenger elevator on the 18th floor of to welcome Miss lead, Liang Chen Chu, deputy director, Director Luo the trio came again and again in front of the luxury suites. Chu, deputy director of space card opened the door, three men followed into. This is a single luxury standard suites, marble table in the restaurant has prepared a cold spell. In less than ten minutes, seated alone young male waiter advancing the dining car, and a plate of steaming dishes end on the table. Quite hearty dishes, abalone, sea cucumber. Lobster Liang Chen, Jidao cuisine, everything, even see neither seen, Liang Chen had Antan In this regard, he really is a true country bumpkin. The food is very tasty, very refreshing wine, listen Chu, deputy director, said the 2082 wine, Liang Chen wanted to blurt out, give I to have a bottle of mineral water in 2082. Table full of dishes chewing little taste, drinking red wine feel like turbid water, tasteless Liang Chen absent-minded, he was waiting, waiting for this, Chu, deputy director of the Municipal Office reveal their true intentions, however, until the so-called three drinks, vegetables have been mixed, both Chu, deputy director or the Director Luo are no showdown meaning. They chatted Xing is strong,Dakota UGG Shoe, from astronomy, down to geography,, arrest this pull lights to clean up the founding emperor to the peasant uprising Saddam Farm, from where the two went to the Three Represents, which span large the breadth of their knowledge, so that side edgeways Liang Chen stunned, I thought these two is the real chitchatting master! Until satiated, Liang Chen taking the time to read one time, Goodfellas, drag drag this meal to eat for nearly three hours, to nearly eight points from five o'clock, he was eating and drinking, and the remaining time to listen to these two Director brag there! flashed the touch of identity do not match and the color, Liang Chen suddenly wake up to. Tonight's program is just beginning. The other reason why not anxious Department showdown, it is because behind the more exciting programs! Dorsett Hotel is known as marketing gold cave, but in fact the accommodation and diet and not expensive, the price is almost the same five-star hotel in general. The entire 25 stories and Tower consumer the most expensive is the twenty three to twenty five-story commercial Ho nightclub, this three-tiered, is a veritable marketing gold cave. Popular first card million gold colored beauties gathered here, hard to find overnight Huan. deserters yo! Liang Chen, however, is obvious from which to listen to a trace threat taste ruthless,Canada Goose Camp Down Hooded, I told you were born, I do not believe, I do not want to. How do I get involved,Hat And Scarf Set UGG. Series of four I. Liang Chen's heart is a little uncomfortable, sometimes A spirit is very ease emotional benefits of Chu,Mini Bailey Button UGG, deputy director and Director Luo exchanged mocking eyes, then patted the arm of sorghum morning smiles: small beam. Rest assured that it will not detain you to work tomorrow. Finally reached the the legendary pin gold Cave. the Imperial nightclub hall. lights of the Chamber presented a hazy hue, young beautiful women wearing colorful dress like Chuanhuahudie generally move around, and occasionally can excellent temperament of beauty found sitting on the sofa, put on a quiet gesture to attract the gold off their uppercut. trabecular favorite? Chu, deputy director of arbitrarily pointed to the sofa the upper end of beautiful colors laugh was asked, Chu, deputy director of the face changed, and then suppressing anger smiled and said: ! . Chu, deputy director with the Director Luo each pick a hostessing lady, then Narcissus Hall. The Imperial nightclub all private rooms, are preceded by a nickname, which respect to Peony, Rose, both Hall of non-high-brow not acceptable, Chu, Vice Director and Director Luo also qualify. We can only point to a Narcissus Hall. Single named said Liang Chen felt here than the westerly counties Li Yanei's crystal font, the late famous elegant. Into the package room, the walls are in the daffodils as background, even crystal lamps are daffodils for modeling. Could see, in the private dining room on the style and taste, the club is under a lot of effort. Drinking beer, eating fruit platter, Liang Chen looked straight ahead and looked at the coffee table daffodils ashtray, it seems from what mysteries like. Chu, deputy director with the Director Luo exchanged a look, then the former smile said: it? ah, this case is my responsibility. Liang Chen finally raised his head and complexion unchanged replied. Liang Chen replied, while the aim of the two hostessing Miss one. Two quite temperament girl just sat quietly, did not disclose the interest looks like a half minutes of conversation, practice well-established evident. He in particular, points out: He can not figure out is very, just a Shrimps need it so much ado? dissociate itself, because it is a push to six hundred twenty-five. dagger see the vicious and threats. A The number of people, I am new to Chad to live wherever he goes, I am afraid the town so the things I much bother deployment click ,! ~! . . <

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