the head of the clouds finally changed

November 28 [Wed], 2012, 12:26
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultNine revolution of the Milky Way robbery is a specifically for drainage of the Armageddon ,though this taken in numerous types of Armageddon is not the most horrible ,but the water monster ,especially the single river monster ,this disaster has almost no solution .
Any experience of the robbery of the river monster ,almost all will fall ,because at this point, the river is totally God has no road ,into the water without the door .Head rob ray, underwater has the Milky way ,this two-way pincer ,unusual river monster simply incapable of action ,including the water dragon ,in the face of such type of Armageddon ,also could not escape the death of robbery .
In this regard, cold cloud nature is not clear ,but he found the evil eye water seems strange ,but all his attention was focused on the head above the clouds .He most probably it did not actually happen that ,taken the greatest danger is the natural dream ,not the peculiar water and ice .
So ,his whole attention was focused on the little black mouth fly out of the black pearl .Although it was the first time he had seen the black pearl ,but almost certainly cold cloud ,this should be the black devil Dan ,although it and he saw the demon Dan somewhat are obviously different ,and there are too many ,but the strange color ,with small black mouth out facts ,both connection together ,almost certainly this is the demon dan .
Green tech ray appears so far away ,although only for disaster ,this is similar to a universe induction with human things in general ,but if and celebrated by too close ,and then the inevitable disaster or fish .
In addition to Armageddon is unable to help, so when clouds appear Xiaoqing directly behind the cold cloud far away .Looking at the green leaves North Face 3in1 Sale, cold cloud only smile ,just can leave ,but he has a clear sense ,even if he is far away ,can get far how far to escape, the head of the rob ray or not let him, because this visit is obviously locking him ,feeling to be Heaven hard stare at in general .
Cold cloud struggled against the Black Unicorn sat up ,compared with the previous, the Black Unicorn not only bigger, more red ,more strange .But as I grow up together playmate ,cold cloud of black changes did not fear ,including this increasingly strange unicorn ,so the cold cloud directly on a unicorn .
Leng Yun although timid ,cautious ,but can not say for fear ,as was Longhu everyone afraid, demon demon who see a fiend in human shape ,cold cloud heart or a bachelor .Since not escape ,not hide, let him come .
So cold cloud just look to the sky ,the evil eye island has been completely worked out a power grid ,the power ,even the blood baby days of baby bullet are far less ,but this time ,cold cloud but just moving period little monk .
Hum ~ ~ ! With the cold cloud seems easy, but actually was an unsettled state of mind is different North Face Mens Hoodie Outlet,black did not show any fear ,even when it has been around the ice away in a thick layer of .
But these were made of black does not become too big pressure ,or his age is too small ,do not fear .In short ,black did not heed the head cold cloud of abnormal state ,while for the cold cloud everfount conduction own monster force ,while seemingly random control own demon Dan hovering overhead .
In fact, cold cloud now is completely black with their own monster force him and himself to one, but has not been so that the cold cloud .Black moved from cold cloud contact into position ,and then directly to the turtle information tactic route running in a circle, and then back to the body, this cycle, if only to two ,natural means nothing ,but if this awful has reached flow like water ,life and growth in nature ,it is entirely and he become ,after all, in this case ,cold cloud of energy within the body ,and his own has no relations .
Soon ,the head of the clouds finally changed, together with a silver lightning suddenly drop from the clouds ,heavy falls on the black head that demon Dan .The original disc size demon Dan in the tenrai bombardment under the direct run out of a large number of lightning ,then grinding size demon Dan came for a long boom .
Although Leng Yun did not see the demon Dan in / under what specific changes ,but under him were in black thunder bombardment demon Dan moment suddenly one, it feels like tenrai bombardment also affects his body in general .
But he did not take the demon Dan back ,will all day all appear to be swallowed down demon Dan on the flower power slowly dispersed once again restored to the original ,but the size of some ,and black more pure bright some .
Later, second day is coming soon ,and before second ,the road was rough somewhat, taken to plunder ray intensity was strong for many ,it is a little cold cloud is very clear ,so he did not care about .
But with the !!! A loud ,originally with the thunder in the sky was approaching the black devil Dan suddenly shot very fine a, to sit in the black head straight to the cold cloud .
` ah !!! Hum ~ !!! This time not to mention is that cold cloud ,even black was startled ,black body bold and strong, not afraid one or two day bombardment ,but cold cloud ,with his strength now ,even if it is beaten to a small tract also will not die ,i.
e. residual detonation !!! Tenrai speed is fast ,the body feels cold cloud only a Ma, then considered as a giant hammer with de novo in the foot smashed a times generally .That kind of feeling ,is really a kind of do not know how to describe the feeling hum ~ !! For a moment, cold Yuncai finally in the black some growl in back to God ,over himself ,his body was not affected by too much harm ,but his clothes but obviously have completely into a coke ash .
Before the day was no personal feelings with him to a contact .Later, from the third day ,every day will be a ray of taking care of him, even if he hid behind the Black Unicorn ,also not escape tenrai bombardment .
But do not know the cold cloud in black free reasons ,or is not specifically directed at his house ,in short ,thunder harm to persons not strong, but each by a lightning strike, he will feel my body had something special ,black moved in he internal flow velocity ,a more quickly, seems to be more adapted to the body after the thunder black spookiness general .
With ninth almost full people waist thick rob Ray came down, the evil eye over the island of clouds was slowly faded away .This visit was Ray point little rain this the end ,even without breaking the black thunder demon Dan .
Hum !! As the dark clouds dispersed, black to will obviously has a lot of black also many demon Dan swallow ,directly in the Blackstone edge lie down ,cold cloud is found, the black on the back shell obviously cut a circle ,especially the body edge ,originally also some variegated shell completely has disappeared ,leaving only a shiny black tortoise .
Obviously ,these shells and outside shell before superior in strength ,otherwise it will not be in the ice scraping stuck under the down .This feeling ,but as the ice was helping black exfoliating general .
Brother ~ !! Green in the clouds finally fly back .The obvious is not loyal Xiaoqing, cold cloud by cross its eye ,though he knew ,Xiaoqing even left ,in that case would not help him UGG Dylyn Tall.
Let green in the dark side to look after ,cold cloud it directly back to the evil eye island .Don think he knows ,the Armageddon appears sure to let the evil eye island once again become disorderly .
Sure enough, cold Yun Gang a flying island ,has not entered the court ,bitter ,son and evil month more anxiously fly over .Leng Yun ignored bitter son of Wu question ,today the island except for unusual businesses to buy goods with competing for monks ,also many thousands of Tujia monk ,so it is definitely not a place .
As the cold cloud of Enron ,the market in a scene finally calmed down ,ignoring all face the doubt ,cold cloud directly with evil confinement in the court .Bitter son of Wu nature also quickly followed with the inside .
Today the cold cloud but evil eye Island Island ,or his granddaughter master, as well as holding his man UGG Neumel,so the evil eye on the island but cold cloud dangerous is without a doubt he .
It is a little cold cloud is also very clear ,as long as one does not help bitter Wu solution nine bug nine grass Dan ,son of Wu had a bitter day be always on tenterhooks for his safety .
Nine in nine grass Dan isn very high toxic Dan ,but the poisoner ,others want to solution is very trouble ,or even impossible ,even the same erysipelas door monk to solution . Well, I have nothing to do, the only monster turtle crossing nodes but Dan !! With Dan ? Bitter son of Wu was stupefied, apparently on this is just a node Dan .
Some don , knot of Dan could get nine revolution of the Milky way !! nine revolution of the Milky way ? Leng Yun hesitated, not by asked : ? A bitter son of Wu ,he explained: this is the most horrible a small series of evil beasts ,in such circumstances ,the water not only can be crossing robbery beasts use ,it will become the most dangerous existence, then ,beneath the water just as the legendary Tianhe general UGG Women's Patent Boots,is a scraping the bone dagger ,even ancient dragon scales would not necessarily in Tianhe water roller on three roller .
To this ,bitter son of Wu suddenly asked: you are the only monster Island ,crossing robbery is successful ? Cold cloud directly nodded ,and then ignored bitter son of Wu surprise ,directly asked: it ,there is no way to conceal ? Hard to understand .
Son of Wu , he did not want to let people know that you have a node Dan but also through the nine revolution of the Milky way and robbing demon ? Bitter son of Wu is not seen black ,to tell the truth ,black was one block to sight even now he remembered also be visible before the eyes .
Even his iron heart to cold cloud also how it because, after all, can have such a powerful monster ,given some time to let it grow, evil eye Island future security will not have any problem .
Otherwise he will punish how cold cloud so little a heartbeat period monks first Leekpai ,even if this first Leekpai is for his granddaughter to raise some discipline needed supplies .
Bitter son of Wu thought, after bitter face : although no one saw the island you the monster turtle crossing robbery ,but before the scene ,it is in any case is also hiding of . Leng Yun brows in a tight ,then simply said: this I no matter ,in any case you take this disguise .
In fact, cold cloud of fear completely and bitter son of Wu think different ,cold cloud is not therefore will let people know that he has a knot demon Dan evil, but worry will therefore exposure black identity .
After all ,Kyushu ,and the demon Dan great people ,nor is there any strange things, and the node Dan is only about six of the strength ,only equivalent to the ordinary node Dan period monks ,simply aren people with special respect .
But black identity ,if reveal to the public ,it will cause big trouble .Even if he does not know what is absol ,but can make as his mother great white turtle PA also to meet a situation, black identity will be extremely uncommon .
This, after so many years of practice, if he still can it is the fool .This is why the goddess after the lake, especially in the eye after cold cloud Island ,more do not want to be black with me ,but let him alone in the eye of the pool .
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